Should I report my 3s?

I have 5s in Euro, Eng Lang, & Calc BC
I have a 4 in USH

My 3s are in Bio, Chem, & Lit.
I have already chosen not to report Lit.
But I’m planning to apply as a STEM major, and I’m worried that colleges will think that I failed Bio & Chem.

Should I report that I am an AP Scholar w/ Distinction to hint that I still passed all my exams?

The award means nothing. The answer to your question depends on where you are applying. In general yes you should submit, especially if the school will accept a 3, and include Lit. They will see your grade. They know you passed the class.

The guidance our CC gave was to self report only 4 and 5 scores because those enhance your application. Don’t report the 3s.

I think it’s fine to put the award - it shows rigor.

When you decide where to enroll, you can send all scores so you get credit and/or placement. But there’s no need to think about credit now.

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When I say the award means nothing I simply mean you get it for five 3s. We had it on my daughters app to show she won something. But I don’t think it counts for much. The scores do though.

If you don’t submit scores then they may wonder why you didn’t. And it depends on the school…most take a 3. Others want 4 or 5.