Should I report scores for qualifications I've taken after applying?

Hello,I am an international student from the US who has applied to schools in the UK. I have two questions:

  1. I just received the results of an exam I took (the ACT) as a qualification. When I applied on UCAS I listed this as a pending score. Do I need to report that score? If so, would I send it to the universities directly through the exam center?
  2. I did not apply with predicted scores as my referee said he was unable to provide them. I only listed the exam I had taken (which met the requirements) and the ones I plan to take. Will this affect me negatively? I have already received two offers. Should I report the new test score, which meets the requirements, to the universities which have not replied with an offer yet?

Thank you, very much appreciated.

Hi Nicole,

I think those scores do need to be reported but I am not sure exactly about the process for it, but I have a few suggestions for who you might ask.

I am a parent of high school junior who is planning to go to the UK for university. Many of the unis she is interested in have a specific liaison for Americans. Check the websites and see if you can find an email address. My daughter has spoken via Zoom with a couple of different reps at UK unis.

We also found a website called “Study Across the Pond”. They work with about 40 different universities in the UK and help North Americans in the application process. It is completely free to you the applicant. Their fees are paid by the universities. I don’t know if they work with the unis you applied to, but I’m sure they would have some advice. Check them out. You will be paired one on one with a Study Across The Pond advisor via email. They have been helpful for my junior.

Good luck!