should i retake engineering physics 1?

<p>I barely made a C in my Eng. Phys 1 class. regardless, i can still take Engineering Physics 2 and Statics. obviously both classes are more difficult than Eng. Phys 1. Also, I've heard that the material in Statics and eng. phys 2 are basically an extension to the material learned in eng. phys. 1.</p>

<p>should i retake eng. phys 1 just to make sure that i fully understand the material? or is it not that necessary? will i be ok taking statics and eng. phys 2? any advice you guys give is helpful.</p>

<p>No need to retake. I did ok in first semester physics which was general mechanics I believe. There were topics that I barely understood but still pulled through. Statics however was a lot easier in my opinion than Physics 1. Mainly because there was less theory and more mechanics. Everything you learn is just techniques and problem solving. I actually enjoyed the class. I think from an engineering standpoint, you can take a bunch of engineering courses without even taking physics and still do well. Theory is fine, but definitely not required for you to be proficient in. I do have to say that math is what you should be solid at no matter what.</p>

<p>You'll do fine. A majority of what you do in Statics is not even from Physics 1...just a lot of vectors in the beginning. I'm a senior undergrad studying civil engineering. Good luck! Have fun!</p>