Should I Retake SAT IIs?

<p>I'm applying ED to William and Mary and I'm worried about my SAT II scores. I know that they're not required at W&M but I was wondering if they can hurt. My SAT Is are pretty strong (M: 700 CR: 690 W: 800) and I got a 33 on the ACT.
Literature SAT II: 740
Physics SAT II: 660</p>

<p>I'm sure W&M Admissions will answer this, but I don't think those scores would hurt you, especially since they are not required.</p>

<p>W&M does not require SAT subject tests and our review focuses primarily on the Critical Reading and Math and/or the ACT (in your case your ACT is a better score than your SAT) although you can submit both your ACT and SAT without any harm as we will consider only your ACT. If SAT subjects tests are submitted we will see those results. Your literature score is quite high. Your physics score is fairly standard in terms of subject test scores but physics is a more complicated subject. If you're debating between retaking the SAT or the subject tests we'd always recommend retaking the SAT. However, as with the SAT and ACT if you do retake the subject tests we will only review the higher scores.</p>

<p>You could also just take new subject tests and say you get more 700s than your physics score will carry less weight as you'll have more higher scores to offset it.</p>

<p>Again, do not fret over SAT subject tests since we do not require them.</p>

<p>Thanks so much! I don't plan on taking the SAT or ACT again, so I think I'll try to get another score in the 700s for a subject test. Also, is it possible to select which SAT subject tests I send, or is it all or nothing? Thanks for your time!</p>

<p>While not in any way diminishing your SAT scores which are strong (more so if you're IS than OOS) but we'd always recommend spending a Saturday morning retaking an SAT or ACT rather than SAT Subject Tests which we don't even require. That being said if you prefer to take more subject tests, you are welcome to do so but that have little impact on your admission.</p>

<p>We believe with score choice you can likely choose which subject tests to send but check with the College Board to be certain</p>