Should I stay or should I go?

<p>Hi all,
I am a current student at NC A&T's IE program and was recently accepted to transfer into NC State's IE program. I currently have a 4.0 and feel that I can definitely keep something close to that through the finish. NC State is ranked 10th in the nation for IE and I'm sure I could still pull a good GPA but the unknown kind of worries me sometimes. </p>

<p>A couple facts:
Both have Abet
Both have small class sizes
Same credits to finish at both
Both Career fairs are open to guest (just went to NC States and got quite a few interviews)
All IE Professors at A&T are NC State PhD's
NC State's facilities are far beyond A&T's</p>

<p>So, is this just a ridiculous question and I should go the to top ranked school?
Or, is there some merit in keeping the highest GPA possible?</p>


<p>Other things you may want to consider:</p>

<p>Is there a significant cost and financial aid difference?</p>

<p>Does one but not the other offer some specific elective courses (in or out of major) that you would prefer to include in your study before you graduate?</p>