Should I submit my SAT score?

So I’m ED at Duke, and I don’t know whether to submit my SAT. I have one SAT score of a 1480, but I’m also a National Merit Semifinalist.

Would just stating that I’m a Semifinalist be enough?

According to the common data set, 83% of admitted students scored above 700 on reading/writing, and 88% scored above 700 on math. Did you receive above 700 on both, or is your score more lopsided?

I tend to think 1480 is a really solid score, and applying ED with no opportunity to retake, I’d be inclined to submit it. Best of luck to you!

I scored 710 verbal 770 math. Since I’m a national merit semifinalist do you think admission officers would think I scored higher just based off that accolade?

Duke is not dinging people for not submitting scores this year and I think you can consider it truly optional. Having said that, 1480 is a good score and would put you close to what in most years would be the middle 50% of scores of admitted students. So I would include it in your application. And no, the admissions office is not likely to assume a higher score if you were to only share your national merit semi finalist status.