Should I take AP Physics C or AP Physics 1

Hi, I am currently planning out what classes to take junior year, and I was debating between AP Physics C: Mechanics and AP Physics 1. I have already taken a high school Physics course and scored an A+, and I have taken AP Calculus AB. Should I do AP Physics C, or would it be too rigorous? To put in into context, I plan to major in Computer Science in the future and maybe minor/ double major in Physics.

AP Physics C, especially the E&M portion, is often considered the most difficult class in a typical high school. However, it seems to me that you are ready for the challenge.

AP physics 1 = mechanics plus some other topics, no calculus
AP physics C mechanics = mechanics with calculus

You may actually find AP physics C mechanics easier if you have a good understanding of calculus. AP physics C mechanics probably has a somewhat greater chance of getting advanced placement in college than AP physics 1, but neither should be assumed to get advanced placement in college. But if you attend a college where the physics department offers an honors introductory physics sequence, you should be well prepared after AP physics.

However, AP physics C E&M may be more difficult, since multivariable calculus is useful to understanding E&M, but AP physics C does not use multivariable calculus.

Take C. You’ve already got an intro physics course under your belt and 1 would be a waste of your time (which, as a junior, will be limited and valuable)

Also, consider the AP Computer Science courses? Physics doesn’t really translate into computer science so try to take more math classes, like BC and Statistics

Thanks for the reply! As a matter of fact, I gave the AP Computer Science A exam two weeks ago, and I will be taking Computer Science Principles next year. I’m also planning to do Calculus BC next year, and if I can, maybe I’ll look into statistics.

If you’ve already taken a year of Physics plus Calc AB, absolutely take Physics C.