Should I take HL math or HL chemistry?

hi guys. next week i will be starting the international baccalaureate and I am having difficulties picking my classes. i originally picked HL chem, HL bio and HL math, however I’m scared hl chem and hl math aren’t a good combo because it will be too much. i want to study either molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, ecology, neuroscience, something in that area. in short, I want to study in the biology field in the UK, USA. lately I’ve been leaning more towards UK and they have specific requirements for these majors. mostly they want HL chem and HL biology. however hl math isn’t necessary. i want to take hl english next to bio and chem. my math is good, but since I don’t want engineering, do you think I will regret it if I take SL math?

For US colleges as a potential STEM major, the expectation would be HL Math plus at least one HL Science.

For UK unis, I am at a loss to divine what program would prefer 2 HL sciences in lieu of an HL Science plus HL Maths. Although I know of some that will accept SL Maths with a 7 plus 2 HL Sciences.