Should i take orchestra or ap spanish?

<p>Okay, so it'll be my senior year. I signed up for AP lit, AP physics C, AP Euro, AP Spanish, AP BC calc, half a year of US government (there's no full year course), half a year of psychology (there's no full year course for this either), and orchestra.</p>

<p>But Spanish and orchestra conflict!</p>

<p>It honestly causes me a lot of pain to imagine dropping orchestra, but at the same time, I know Spanish would be more advantageous to me for college admissions, especially considering many schools recommend 4 years of foreign language (but does Spanish 1 in middle school count as a year?). One more thing is that in my school, the colleges you apply to also get markings of how rigorous your high school schedule was. 7+ APs total and you get "most rigorous". 5-6 APs gets you "rigorous". Since my school is small and weird, I could only take 2 APs (physics B and US history) in my junior year and none before that. So if I kept orchestra, then I'd probably add another AP to replace Spanish. My choices are:</p>

<p>AP art
AP statistics
AP music theory
AP chem
AP bio
AP environmental</p>

<p>I refuse to take the first 4, but would consider the latter 2. The only problem is, both bio and environmental have lab blocks, meaning I'd have to drop other things. Ideally, I'd be able to drop psych and gov and rearrange a few things and be done with it, but I'm not sure if that'd work yet. I don't really care about psych, but I was really looking forward to gov.</p>

<p>All in all, I really want to take Spanish, but it pains me to drop orchestra. Which one should I take? Which is more beneficial to me? I should also add that while I plan to play in orchestras in college, I do not plan to pursue music as a career.</p>