Should I take the AP Physics C exams?

I’m not sure if I should take the AP Physics C exams.

For my college, I need a 4 for course credit but a 5 for both course and lab credit.

I’m most likely going to try to transfer to Michigan and they only take 5s for both.

I started studying today

Both EM and Mech are on June 1.

I’m just nervous that I can’t get 5s (my understanding is very minimal for EM and I got a 3 in Mech Practice Exam in January).

A 4 is probably doable for Mechanics maybe a 5 if i study hard enough.

As for E&M, I don’t know what I will get but I am very unprepared for it. I barely remember anything from it but I might (its a long shot) be able to pull a 4.

So, I’m not sure if I should just take Mechanics, opening more room for me to get that 5 or take both and risk spending less time on Mechanics.

Or, I could relax and save the $200 that I’ve spent as it may be the smarter choice.

I am also an engineering major, so maybe the credits are not even that important (being as I have to take the classes anyways)

Please let me know what you think is the smarter choice.

Thank you

Current University: Wayne State
Going to try to transfer to: UMICH

I am confused. So June is the makeup exam. What happened two weeks ago at the regular exam?

Are you registered for the makeup test?

Decided not to take it.

Yes, I am taking the makeup exam, sorry if that wasn’t clear.

I’m still confused. You’re taking AP exams but you’re transferring to Michigan? Are you in Hs or col.ege?

If you have “minimal understanding” of one and a practice score of 3 on the other, placing out of Freshman Physics and dropping into the deep end of Physics 2 in college sounds like a bad idea to me.

What did you end up doing?