Should I take these AP classes, or would it be too much to handle?

So I am a sophomore in June, before summer vacation starts. I am going to take SAT prep during the summer for and I am planning to take my SAT on August 25. After the prep classes, I want to start studying AP Chemistry with the help of my father instructing me, and during junior year I am taking:

AP Computer Science Principles
Chemistry Honors
Algebra II Honors
Regular English

while continuing studying for the AP Chemistry exam. During junior summer, I am planning to get a job and to continue improving my math skills and learn the basics of physics and physics, and during senior year I am planning on taking:

AP Microeconomics
AP Calculus
AP Physics
AP Government and Politics
Forensic Science
(maybe Capstone but I might just take Regular English)

Is this too herculean of a task to accomplish, and should I lessen my workload? I also don’t want my GPA to drop.

Especially for AP Physics and AP Calculus, since this school I am in took a year out of my life, if I get a recommendation from my math teacher, they could promote me to Calculus instead of Pre-Calculus, but I am not quite satisfied with that and I want to jump to AP Calculus, and for physics I know the class is difficult. I also realize if I take these classes senior year, not many colleges will notice it, so I’m not so sure what to do.

My current cumulative unweighted GPA is a 92, or a 3.7
I already took AP World History and my AP score did not come out yet.

Honest opinions?

That’s a pretty big “if”

It’s called pre-calculus for a reason, but you can certainly talk to your math teachers. Be aware, though, that there is a lot of material to cover in an AP class, and the teacher is unlikely to spend much time reviewing material that should already have been mastered. Additionally, in many schools, they start the AP Calc topics in pre-calc, so you might be even further behind the curve.

Is there a reason why you need to take the SAT so early? There will be some math that you need Alg 2/Trig in. You’re better off preparing for the PSAT and waiting until the second half of your junior year for the SAT.

Not taking precalculus is a mistake. Too early to plan your senior year. Now I disagree with poster waiting until second semester for SAT. I would take both the ACT and SAT with no prep and see how you do. My philosphy was to make it stress free taking it on a whim starting in 9th grade with no prep. Both my kids have superscores of 35 with zero test prep or practice. I would tell them the night before, oh by the way… They each took it three times.

Don’t use the actual testing for prep. There’s so many other ways to prep. That is bad advice. Each test counts, especially since most good schools want all of your test results.