Should I transfer to UCLA? or spend another year at CC?

Hi everyone! Hope everyone staying safe and healthy! I am in sort of a dilemma right now. I have been at CC for the past two years and applied to transfer for Fall 2020. I got into my schools and decided to commit to UCLA. Like many other schools, UCLA is fully online and I dont expect it to be in person at least till next year. So, im not sure exactly what to do. As a transfer I know it is already difficult to make the connections on campus and network for post-grad opportunities, but now with everything online, im not sure if its even worth it to transfer this year and be paying full tuition. Im nervous because I just dont know what to do. Im extremely grateful to even be accepted to UCLA, but Im just not sure if its the right move to transfer right now.
Im considering staying an extra year at my community college and taking more classes to fulfill prereqs for another major so I can double major. If I were to stay an extra year, I would be reapplying for UCLA again (for transfer admission for fall 2021) , because ultimately I want to go to UCLA. But, Im not sure if I will even be accepted again. I was wondering if anybody knew if UCLA and other schools look down upon spending 3 years at CC? Or would I most likely get in again? Im not sure what to do because I dont know how COVID will affect the decision process. Im just looking for any advice! I dont know if I should just go and get my degree or stay another year and hope for the best so if anyone has any input that would be great! thank you!

I didn’t check UCLA but some colleges will only accept a certain amount of transfer credit from a CC. While online classes aren’t ideal, making college a 5 year process isn’t ideal either.

UCs will accept up to 70 semester or 105 quarter units of lower division transfer courses (all community college courses are lower division). However, all courses taken can count for subject credit to fulfill specific course requirements.

A CC->UC transfer student with two majors will still need to do all upper division courses for both majors after transfer.

This is a dilemma a lot of students are facing. In the end it’s going to come down to a personal decision. If it were me I would stay another year at the cc. As a transfer student you only have two years, and in reality it feels like even less than that. By February or so of senior year students are interviewing or have plans for grad school and almost feel like they’re done with college.

@mikemac thank u for the response! This is kind of where I am too. I really want to have the full college experience and have time on my campus, so I think staying an extra year at CC would be the best for me. But, at the same time im nervous that by reapplying I may not be accepted again

@HPuck35 @ucbalumnus Hi I still have some room for units before I reach the unit cap! Since a lot of my units came from high school AP scores. I guess the main concern I just had was the possibility of not being accepted if I apply again