Should I try to throw together an application in a week?

I’m in Berkeley’s TAP program and was invited to a mandatory application workshop in a little over a week. It said to have my application ready for feedback (but they’d understand if I didn’t have it ready), but I haven’t even started the answers to my PIQs. I work full-time, but got the day off for the workshop. Should I drop everything in my life but work and bust out a rough application for the workshop?

Only you can decide if it’s worth it.

Maybe come up with topics vs actual text to save time.

How much do you want to attend Berkeley? If it is a top choice then I would make it a priority to get the PIQ done. They aren’t asking for your final draft, however, the more you put into the PIQ, the more valuable the feedback will be.

If it is anything like Berkeley Summer Experience, they don’t want the entire application and you won’t receive feedback until after the workshop.