Should Tufts be Ranked Higher?

Yes I recruit for corporate finance roles on a regular basis. At my Fortune 50 company, they periodically reviewed US News rankings, as well as employee performance, to determine where to recruit.

If we were located in New England, or a senior manager had a relationship at Tufts, we may recruit there. Then, overtime we determine what the quality of output is from the ones we get at Tufts vs other schools. Maybe we’d get the cream of the crop at UMass but the leftovers at Tufts. Maybe not.

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What would you say are the other corporate urban universities beyond NYU, BU and GW?



Pitt - not urban like GW/NYU but in the city. Charleston not corporate - but the school is smack downtown.

It sounds as if top stats are now a dime a dozen, in which case it’s not surprising that elite institutions discount them. That, however, probably prejudices students who are truly exceptionally bright but whose social skills are inadequate to impress pedagogical bureaucrats aka many teachers, guidance counselors and college admissions officers.

Another possibility is that colleges don’t really want “grinds” if they can admit “leaders” who will better publicize their institution’s reputation in the long run or make more money and donate more to the school. In which case maybe we need to reexamine the nature and purpose of higher education. Is it really to churn out successful… politicians?

If academic prowess doesn’t deserve priority, perhaps colleges and universities would do better simply to employ an admissions lottery. That is, if they really believe the education they offer is suited to a broad swath of applicants.

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