Should Tufts be Ranked Higher?

Love the Forbes list … as much as any of the lists really matter. Putting the LACs in the mix makes much more sense to me … as much as any of the lists really matter.

Imagine the rank of any of these schools if they were based in upstate NY, in Maine, or a 5-hour drive from any major airport

If it were in Maine, I 'd give it bonus points!!!

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New QS worldwide rankings - from another thread.

Tufts has a lot more ground to catch up - #53 here behind the likes of Colorado, Arizona, Pitt and Minnesota.

QS World University Rankings 2022: Top Global Universities | Top Universities

  1. MIT (1)
  2. Stanford (3)
  3. Harvard (5)
  4. Caltech (6)
  5. Chicago (10)
  6. UPenn (13)
  7. Yale (14)
  8. Columbia (19)
  9. Princeton (20)
  10. Cornell (21)
  11. Michigan (23)
  12. Johns Hopkins (JHU) (25)
  13. Northwestern (30)
  14. UCal-Berkeley (32)
  15. UCLA (40)
  16. NYU (42)
  17. UC-San Diego (48)
  18. Duke (52)
  19. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) (53)
  20. Brown (60)
  21. Texas-Austin (67)
  22. Wisconsin (75)
  23. Illinois (82)
  24. Univ. of Washington (85)
  25. Georgia Tech (88)
  26. Rice (94)
  27. Penn State (96)
  28. Univ. of North Carolina (UNC) (100)
  29. WashUStL (107)
  30. Boston University (112)
  31. USC (Southern Cal) (112)
  32. Purdue (116)
  33. Ohio State (120)
  34. UC-Davis (138)
  35. UC-Santa Barbara (146)
  36. U Rochester (154)
  37. Michigan State (157)
  38. Emory (160)
  39. Univ. of Pittsburgh (163)
  40. Texas A&M (168)
  41. U Florida (173)
  42. Minnesota (186)
  43. Dartmouth College (191)
  44. Arizona State University (ASU) (216)
  45. Vanderbilt (218)
  46. Notre Dame (222)
  47. Virginia (226)
  48. UC-Irvine (232)
  49. UMass-Amherst (246)
  50. Georgetown (248)
  51. Univ. of Colorado–Boulder (251)
  52. Univ. of Arizona (268)
  53. Tufts (275)
  54. Univ. of Illinois–Chicago (285)
  55. North Carolina State (300)
  56. Indiana (311)
  57. Univ. of Miami (311)
  58. Hawaii (340)
  59. Northeastern (Boston) (342)
  60. Virginia Tech (346)
  61. UC-Santa Cruz (347)
  62. GWU (355)
  63. Univ. of Utah (358)
  64. UConn (373)
  65. Stony Brook (378)
  66. U Kansas (387)
  67. SUNY Buffalo (388)
  68. UC-Riverside (403)
  69. UColorado–Denver (414)
  70. Washington State Univ. (427)
  71. Wake Forest Univ. (WFU) (429)
  72. Colorado State (431)
  73. RPI (431)
  74. Tulane (436)
  75. Illinois Institute of Tech. (444)
  76. Brandeis (455)
  77. Iowa (455)
  78. Colorado School of Mines (461)
  79. Florida State (FSU)
  80. Missouri
  81. UTexas–Dallas
  82. Boston College
  83. Iowa State
  84. Missouri Science & Tech.
  85. Wayne State
  86. Lehigh
  87. Oregon State
  88. Univ. of Delaware
  89. Univ. of Georgia


list is a joke. just look at Vandy and Georgetown

All these lists are jokes. That’s the point. It’s amazing how worked up people get about them.


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This list really highlights the fact to not place too much importance on any single list, and that it makes sense to use an amalgam of lists as a loose guide.

Some notable differences.

University/College : QSW : USNWR : FORBES
Missouri S&T : 84 : 176 : 245
NC State : 55 : 80 : 139
Dartmouth : 43 : 13 : 10
Wake Forest : 71 : 28 : 56
Wayne State : 85 : 249 : 601

I was going to list more but I think these get the point across. And I could add other lists like the Washington Monthly list (Utah St #10, UT-Austin #77, and UNCG at #96 adjacent to Rice at #95) or Money Magazine list (Texas A&M #11, VMI #26 and Georgetown #83) or others.

There is no legitimate reason to assume any one list is more right than any other list. Especially if the family doesn’t dig deep into the methodologies of each and every list to determine which methodologies align with what that family wants from a university education.

FWIW, Tufts is 38 (one spot behind Brown and seven ahead of SUNY-Albany) on Washington Monthly and 95 (three spots behind Bowdoin and two spots ahead of Lafayette) on Money Magazine.


That list uses different criteria/weights them differently than USNWR and Forbes for example.

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The list looks good to me except I’d flip-flop Michigan and Cornell. Otherwise :+1::grimacing:

To achieve/maintain world peace, especially in social situations, I use the following guidelines:

There are 10 schools in the top five
There are 20 schools in the top ten
There are 50 schools in the top twenty five

Looked at in this way, everyone’s ego can be salved.

Using these guidelines, one could say that Tufts is a top twenty-five school as there is probably some ranking service somewhere in the world that will support it.

Quite frankly, once you are outside of the top 50 schools, does ranking really matter?

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That was my point the other day…do most employers care if you went to top 60 FSU, 100s rated LSU or 200s rated WVU? You can throw top 30 Florida and other top 50 schools.

Yes some companies have targets like Caterpillar focuses on that high ranked stalwart Bradley. Others focus on schools due to various disciplines such as ASU and supply chain. Or location such as SJSU and Silicon Valley.

What everyone thinks is good for them. But there are no absolutes or exacts.

Having lower rankings of colleges you think are high quality does not mean the ranking is a joke. It more likely means that the ranking criteria differs from the criteria you think indicates college quality. For example, Tufts worst relative ranking was in employer reputation. Tufts received an 8.5/100 compared to 100/100 for Harvard or 18.7/100 for UMass. The employer reputation is based on a survey of thousand of employers across many industries in over 100 countries (Global rankings tend to look globally, rather than just in USA). Maybe you don’t care if employers in China are not familiar with Tufts/Vandy/Georgetown/… , but some students care, particularly international students who hope to work in China after graduation.

A similar statement could be made about almost any ranking – USNWR, Forbes, whatever, … The criteria used in the ranking is extremely unlikely to be the criteria that is most important to you in choosing in college. So I’d suggest focusing on the criteria that is important to you, rather than the arbitrary criteria and weightings used by some 3rd party website to make a numerical list of colleges.


Thank you !!!

#30 out of 5300 schools is pretty good, NGL.

Tufts’ category in USN comprises 389 schools. In it Tufts registers an “overall score” of 77 in a system in which the first-ranked school receives a score of 100.

While rankings are great for fodder every individual’s outcome is different. That’s what matters to those kids.

There are kids who end up at med school in the Caribbean that came from SUNY Plattsburgh. And make millions. There are Tufts kids that can’t get into their desired field.

I’m sure there are many millionaires from Mississippi State and homeless or near who went to Tufts thinking it was elite.

It’s a non scientific study using data one thought was useful.

On a global scale why was UMASS higher ? Take that survey W of the Mississippi and you may find a similar, although not as pronounced, result.

Too many kids want to go to Harvard or Stanford without ever stepping foot on campus. Too many kids feel they failed because they are valedictorians and ended up at Nebraska or Tennessee.

I love the lists, the ranks. I went to Syracuse and tease my wife who went to Arizona about rank.

But these are all bringing way too much pressure and stress onto our kids.

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That’s still impressive.