Should we have several country forums?

<p>We've developed some massive threads in this forum, notably the Indian and Chinese threads. These threads are hard to read and kind of unwieldy - should we have, for example, an Indian Forum, where multiple conversations can take place?</p>

<p>We did this in another massive thread, Musical Theater, and it worked well. Before we go ahead and do it, though, I thought I'd check with the forum participants.</p>


<p>a. i can speak for the indian thread. but it is not country specific. Applicants from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Singapore, UAE, Korea and the US participate in discussions at the indian thread. So by creating country forums, you might alienate participants from some of the smaller countries. You can think about creating regional forums (South Asia, China & Far-east Asia, Middle-east, Europe (west), Europe (east), ....)</p>

<p>b. there arent many topics of discussion. its kind of a cafe, where ppl talk about admission, every once in a while.</p>

<p>c. what do i care, i am off to school. :)</p>

<p>adides got it is a cafe</p>

<p>I kind of think it would be a good idea... people talk about basically anything in the same thread, from music to prestigiousness of schools to admission tips to what they do on their spare time to homework help... and it gets posted really quickly so you have to browse through it a lot to find something you're discussing about.</p>

<p>regional threads with cafe, admission discussion, college search, high school life as sub forums probably..</p>

<p>I'll second that.</p>

<p>i vote noooooo</p>

<p>Common thread is good... It allows ppl from diverse places to share info and experience... Very productive discussions takes place here...</p>

<p>I think regional forums would probably be a better idea. Maybe something like adides suggested, though I'd divide Europe into EU and non-EU countries instead of east/west.</p>

<p>There should not be 1 diff forum...... i strongly vote against it...... infact it is largely due to collectivenes of the thread that the enthu comes along....and ppl find it easier to post many info together in front of a large reader base.. segrregating would mean ppl grouping themselves and having small private threads... so sort of isolation ..cud result in new members not getting info......</p>

<p>i don't think so...i'm fine with the chinese thread.I LUV IT!</p>

<p>There should be an International Cafe forum.... but no country specific!</p>

<p>but in some cases, like a canadian section, would easily help canadian students share similar information</p>

<p>it'd be great if there was a sub-section, you find the info faster that way</p>

<p>i think the threads are jus fine as long as crap is not being discussed. Take the Nepali thread for example, it has a small member group, but everyone there talks abt important issues and help each other as much as possible. I think its the country bond that makes ppl more helpful (mainly ppl already in college) and participative. And anyway, just coz a thread is maily for a typical country doesnt mean others cant participate. I participate where i find the need to, and everone is invited at the "nepali thread". Cheers!</p>

<p>Well,I am new here but it does seem to me that a seperate forum would be helpful for newcomers like me.The problems people have from a common area are similar and to search thousands of pages looking for your solution when you could have seperate threads for each in a dedicated forum is not inspiring as such.</p>

<p>You could call the Indian forum " The Indian Subcontinent Forum " or something like that to preserve the current loyalties of minor countries.</p>

<p>"The Indian Subcontinent Forum"
I think it would be better to call it South Asia. I'm not sure about it, but maybe some Pakistanis or Bangladeshis might be somehow offended by your denomination (although it is a geographically acceptable one). Besides that your proposal makes a lot of sense - some countries (my own country of origin included) are simply to small to constitute a forum in their own right, but regional forums would be helpful, as people who come from those regions tend to have the same problems. In my opinion, the division should be: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, The Middle East, East Asia, South Asia, South-East Asia, Africa, Australia & Oceania, Mexico & Canada (bc. they have special status) and The Americas (everyone else except Mexico and Canada).</p>

<p>i have already voted no</p>

<p>bogoro, I hardly think that there will be many posts in the Australia and Oceania forum. Or in the Mexico and Canada forum. Or anywhere else apart from the India/Asia forums.</p>

<p>naah people...look The indian thread is just a place where all of us indians (from every part of the world) and from time to time the pakistani people the us and canada students just come and ask their queries from us.
The indian thread is a place where we discuss everything in our life...making a forum would not be the solution..i mean in a whole indian forum i will not make a thread to tell everyone that my class 12 exams are starting whereas on the indian thread i post it without hesitation..</p>

<p>im kinda against a country specific thread.. i think the whole idea of a forum like CC is mixing with people different from us. so what if our educational systems, cultures dont match and we might have to hesitate to tell people that our class 12 exams are starting.. thats the whole idea of it.. u see.. people from different countries get to know how systems work in other countries. an important point of going to college in the US (i feel) is the diversity.. why not start with it here? instead of having a country specific thread, have general threads where people from any place can feel free to post their thoughts n messages.</p>