Siena Albany Medical College Program- chances

<p>I usually never do this but the curiosity is killing me... Can someone tell me my chances of being accepted to the Siena Albany Medical College Program?</p>

<p>-Caucasian girl from a prestigious high school
-GPA: 3.907
-SAT: 1240/1600 (CR 610, Math 630)
-Senior classes- 1 AP science and 1 Honors math, rest college prep
-Junior classes- 2 Honors math and science, rest college prep
-I have been taking dance classes for 15 years and have been an assistant teacher at my school for 3 years. I babysit twice a week, am on the photography club at my school. I do tons of community service (working with autistic kids, volunteer swim coach, volunteer at an under-privileged children's shelter and a few more.) I am also a volunteer in the Trauma Department of a local hospital 3 days a week for the past 3 summers (6 hours a day).
(I stay busy with all of my extra curricular but I'm nervous there's nothing that stands out- pres of this club... varsity sports....)<br>
-My letters of recommendation came from my honors anatomy teacher, english teacher, and the volunteer coordinator from the hospital.</p>

<p>If someone could tell me my chances that would be really great! :)</p>

<p>Your SAT is a little low since they look for a minimum of 1300. Can you re-take it or take the ACT where they are looking for a 30+. You have an excellent GPA and extracurricular activities. It is a highly competitive programs so let us know if you get into it. Good luck!</p>

<p>@Adamsley i didn’t get in :frowning: thanks for the response though! I knew it was a reach for me so I’m not too surprised, but now I’m going to be considered for the College of Arts and Sciences.</p>


<p>That’s a shame you didn’t get in but if you decide to attend, you will love Siena. The students are very friendly and even though they are on Christmas break, they are writing each other about how much they can’t wait to return to campus next week.</p>

<p>Hey adamsley, me again. I sent in my letter requesting to still be considered for Siena on January 20th (which was when they said the letter needed to be postmarked by.) Do you have any idea when I should expect to hear back? Should it be about 2 weeks after because that’s what the waiting time was for regular decision applicants.</p>

<p>You should hear soon. You will definitely get in with a nice scholarship. Good Luck!</p>