Siena College Fast Forward application

How does Siena notify applicants for the fast forward application. Also if you applied fast forward this year has anyone heard yet. Submitted 5 days ago and just wondering if we will get an email or regular mail. Thanks so much.

My son applied on the 10th - if we hear back will let you know! I think they are still waiting on his HS transcript…

My son applied on Sept. 26th and his transcript was sent October 2nd and we have still not heard anything but they said 7-10 days from the date your application is complete so hopefully we will hear soon.

He got his acceptance in the mail today along with a scholarship offer. Exactly 10 days after they got his transcript from his high school. I have a very happy young man.

@deebmc can you share your son’s stats please?

I have seen stats posted before hope this helps #3 in his class 4.46 GPA 1530SAT plus leadership and extra curricular he got the presidential scholarship $21000/year for 4 years. He is very happy he loves Siena. Good luck to everyone else.

have you heard yet? how long did it take?

@deebmc 10 days or 10 business days?

10 business days from when they got his transcript not from when he applied.

got my acceptance and scholarship today !

@sarahhstoker that’s great, did you apply test optional?

No I did not (-:

Transcript sent 11/14, acceptance letter received 11/24 with a $20,000 per year presidential scholarship!
GPA W: 3.81
SAT: 1270
6 AP’s
many extracurriculars/leadership positions