Siena College Info


<p>I was just wondering whether anybody else there has firsthand knowledge of Siena College in terms of </p>

<p>1) Academic Rigor</p>

<p>2) Social/Campus Life; and </p>

<p>3) What Albany is like as a "college town"?</p>


<p>Anybody have any thoughts on Siena College?</p>

1. Academic rigor: Decent not the hardest but certainly not an easy A school. They have a good reputation locally especially for finance/banking.
2. My sons don't go there but do have friends attending. The most interesting thing is that they seem to "lock down" the campus for certain big event days so if you are not a student and trying to visit by car at night you can't get in.
3. Albany is a small/medium sized city with many colleges in the area so once you leave Loudonville, the upper middle class neighborhood surrounding Siena, and head into the city there is a very active "college" atmosphere mixed with the citizens and professionals living in the area. If the student heads over towards, the Pine Hills or "student ghetto" section of Albany, there are plenty of parties to be found. Most notably the city police are vigilant for underage drinking in this section..There was a mini-riot called Kegs and Eggs last year on St Patrick's Day but it was primarily caused by students of the local state school and no Siena students were implicated.</p>

<p>Thanks, Bassmom</p>