Sierra madre vs Yosemite

<p>Can I get some opinions from current cal poly students or parents of current students as to which dorm is best for a girl? I know the basic difference, which is whether the floors are coed. I’m just trying to make a decision and it seems that a lot of</p>

<p>...other people are having the same dilemma.</p>

<p>My daughter was in Yosemite Tower 0 last year as a freshman and absolutely LOVED it! In fact, I notice on her Facebook she wrote that she misses it. She currently is in Poly Canyon Village and her building is not really social at all. At least she hasn't found that to be the case.</p>

<p>She was on the 3rd floor in Tower 0 and it was co-ed, as was the 2nd floor. They called the 1st floor "The Man Cave". Even though they weren't on the same floor, they were social with all the floors, including the guys in The Man Cave. I've got some great pics to prove it. :) </p>

<p>Anyway, my daughter would highly recommend Yosemite! She's good friends with many of her dormies and is sharing her PCV apt. with one of the girls who lived a couple doors down in Tower 0 at Yosemite.</p>

<p>There are really no bad accommodations at Cal Poly. My son is in Santa Lucia and loves it even though he has two roommates in one small room. It works. I suggest that you choose your dorm based on major if you wish to socialize. Santa Lucia is for engineers, other dorms are for other majors. Call housing at Cal Poly and they will patiently walk you through all the dorms and the pluses and minuses of each one. The reason why it is that easy is that Cal Poly employs students wherever possible to enhance the Learn by Doing methodology. Every time we called housing at Cal Poly it was a student who answered the phone and gave us their personal straight up opinion and experience living on campus. Again, there really is no bad or uncomfortable housing anywhere on campus. You will love it.</p>