silly question

<p>I know this is quite silly on my part,but how exactly are the school transcripts,teacher recommendations,school reports sent??Are they sent electronically or do i have to mail(snail mail) the reports to the universities?I Am confused!!!
also how are the other recommendations (research adviser)sent?</p>

<p>can the recommendations too be sent online?
is there an organization(like common app)allowing us to send the stuff online?</p>

<p>^ yes, everything can be sent online. searcher recs etc are actually part of the common app - your schools needs to sign up for that service and send the info independently since technically the student isn't supposed to read recs.</p>

<p>is there a special section where the schools need to sign up in common app??</p>

<p>Don't risk by snail mail. Especially since you are an international. It'll take a little long and unless you have to send some specifications, you should choose the electronic method. Not only with the electronic method be fast for the colleges to scan for (in)/completeness but it will make you more relaxed to have that green check mark next to each section.</p>

<p>It's invitation based, I think...</p>

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<p>@liveulife,@contradict::::thanx a lot!!!thats a breather!!
@liveulife :::specifications as in what?</p>

<p>Country specific exams that aren't like collegeboard where they send it via computer. You may even send a letter written by peer(s)/someone if you have a special circumstance and there is no space for submission of that sort in common app.</p>