Singaporean connection

<p>wonder if theres a thread for s'porean applicants..</p>

<p>Yeah there used to be. But no one posted in it for a long time and now it's buried somewhere in all the old threads. We can always start anew and use this instead!</p>

<p>Aren't you in Stanford now, yesh?</p>

<p>yes we can always use this thread (:
i'll be going to stanford in 2007 :S</p>

<p>have fun in NS, friend! then you can come have fun in the US :)</p>

<p>I believe yesh is in SMM?</p>

<p>SMM? nope, im not :)
so where are u ppl from/applying?</p>

<p>I'm going to Princeton next year (: Am now hanging around in Singapore waiting for work to start and looking for scholarships. Nine more months till new jersey!</p>

<p>hey just chanced upon this, anyway, i'm going to penn (wharton) next year! Can't frickin wait to ORD and get my ass over to philly.</p>

<p>yesh, lemme guess. You JUST started NS? =)</p>

<p>rayy not doing NS?</p>

<p>rayyy is a chinese citizen.. yeah, compare to the rest of you... i feel kinda dumb... haha... I am going to Kenyon next fall!!!</p>

<p>Hey, do Singaporeans need to take the TOEFL? Does it vary from unis to unis?</p>

<p>Also, are there any top universities that let lazy people like me replace the SAT subjects with the A Levels, besides Yale?</p>

<p>Generally, Singaporeans don't need to take TOEFL. (English is by no means a foreign language for us anyway) Think you are exempted as long as you get above 600 for SAT critical reading. Some schools do still demand TOEFL though but I heard it is ridiculously easy. </p>

<p>Replace SAT subjects? I'm not sure. But unless you can't really afford the SAT II tests, just take them! They are very easy compared to A levels. </p>

<p>Yes I'm a Chinese citizen but think I'll be a Singaporean soon. Even if I'm not I still don't need to serve NS. I'm female! Heh. I know Ray is a guy name, but hey who cares if it sounds exactly the same as your Chinese name?</p>

<p>i'm singaporean too! :D but living in taiwan.
i'm going to cornell next year</p>

<p>didn't take the toefl because my SAT verbal was higher than 650.
i don't think they'll let you replace SAT2s with A levels though - most uni's say if your country has it then take it.</p>

<p>Well, I, being the indecisive person that I am, currently do not have any SAT scores. </p>

<p>On second thought, I did take the SAT I in December 2003 but my score was really abysmal and I don't even remember what it was exactly. </p>

<p>The subject tests are a bunch of MCQs aren't they? Sigh. I missed the December deadline (just found out, like, three seconds ago) and I'm taking the Jan. SAT I so no go for me.</p>

<p>Oh well. I guess I'm stuck in Singapore forever and ever then. </p>

<p>Can I just say that I'm totally envious of people who are going to Stanford and other assorted US unis? You have NO IDEA how badly I wanna get out of NUS. =(</p>

<p>lightfish: Where in Taiwan do you live? My dad's Taiwanese and I grew up in Taipei! I love Taipei.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies!</p>

<p>tripwires you could ask your school or sg's SAT testing center whether they have any extra tests you could take for december. because i know my school always registered for a few extra tests just in case people changed their minds. the SAT2's are just a bunch of MCQs.</p>

<p>i was really kiasu last november and signed up for 3 SAT2's when in fact i only needed one, so basically i put myself thru more pain...haha</p>

<p>i live in taipei!! :D and love it too haha. in fact i was half torn between staying her for med school and leaving to US. i'm leaving cause my written chinese is crap. did you go to local school while in taipei?</p>

<p>tripwires, you are already in NUS? Hm so i'm guessing you are a female? Anyway, you DO know that NUS has many internships and stuff that gives you the amazing opportunity to travel to all sorts of cool places. I had a friend who secured himself an internship that brought him to SILICON VALLEY!!!! He had a ball obviously, so never give up hope ok? Ask your professors or whoever is in charge of the internships for these US internships. You can even study in a US college for a year during your junior year in NUS if i'm not wrong.</p>

<p>oh..early decision results should be out around now huh...</p>

<p>are there really so few singaporeans on CC? there was like a very very long Singapore Connection thread before this one. hm...</p>

<p>melt: Yes I'm female. :) I do know that my faculty (law) has exchange programmes with US universities but due to a vast lack of interest in the course, getting good grades in order to qualify for exchange is going to be very difficult. The more I lack interest in something, the more I self-destruct. But hey, thanks for that post all the same. I SHOULD think positively for a change! </p>

<p>lightfish: How is your written Chinese crap? (Mine is too. Amazingly crap.) My real question is, how long have you been there? Haha um, well, I went to primary school for a year, after which my mom shipped me back to Singapore to learn English. Now my English is way better than my Chinese, a thought that is both depressing and embarrassing. :) </p>

<p>I read in one of the threads that 22 Singaporeans applied to Yale early decision. Where are they?!</p>

<p>I guess they don't visit this website, or if they do, very infrequently. My classmates were deferrerd from Harvard and Yale respectively. Sigh. Somehow very few Singaporeans apply early to US universities. Most of the people I know who did were Chinese and ASEAN scholars.</p>

<p>haha whoa do singaporeans like yale or what. i ED'd Cornell and got in :D so surprised actually. second choice was UMich or one of the UC's.</p>

<p>i've lived in taipei for nearly 3 years now but i used to visit every year ever since i was born because all my family are here. studied Chinese at home and at Sunday school (sooo not fun) when i lived in south africa as well.</p>

<p>i have a taiwanese friend whose parents also shipped her to singapore to learn english when she was 9. her english is most likely better than her chinese now too.</p>