Singular Bad Grade

I do the IBDP and my predicted grades are all excellent, except for one subject, Physics SL.

My grade took a hit due to some serious health issues I faced on the day of the exam. My guidance counsellor will explain this in their recommendation of course.

However, I wanted to ask how much a single bad grade on a transcript can impact your chances of admission? Especially when Physics is not related to my intended major in any way. I’m applying for an Econ major.

Can it impact - sure - depends on the school.

Will it - depends on the school and probably not.

But it is what it is and it should not impact where you apply. Just make sure you have reaches, matches, and safeties.

If you get turned down, you wouldn’t know why…

The thread is similar to one OP asked under another account.

As multiple accounts are not allowed, I am closing the thread.