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<p>My application status at the moment says that it is incomplete because it is missing my teacher recommendation. I asked my teacher if she had sent it, and she said she had before Winter break.
Should I be worried, or is it just that it hasn't been checked off by someone yet? :/</p>

<p>Thank you to whoever helps!</p>

<p>Did you use the CommonApp website to submit your applications? If so, on the School Forms tab did you select the teacher that wrote you your recommendation?</p>

<p>My teacher mailed it. :/</p>

<p>Does anyone know what I should do? :/ Getting super nervous here....</p>

<p>UVA says they will contact you if something is missing from your application. Read/subscribe to Dean J's blog. If you are really losing sleep over it you should call admissions tomorrow.</p>

<p>Please don't call us! We need to read!</p>

<p>We are emailing anyone with missing credentials next week.</p>

<p>When I log in on SIS, my application status shows as "View Decision" and when I click it, it states that the decisions won't be available until April. My status also states that I have a to do list of items (HS transcripts twice and mid-year report) that I need to submit, although I have already submitted these items (or rather my school has).</p>

<p>Does the fact that I have a "View Decision" prompt mean that I have already been denied?</p>

Does the fact that I have a "View Decision" prompt mean that I have already been denied?


No... Read Dean J's blog. She covers this. </p>

<p>Notes</a> from Peabody: The UVA Application Process: "View Decision" = Ready to Read in SIS</p>

<p>And here on this forum (starting at post #33):</p>

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<p>Search is your friend. ;)</p>

<p>Regarding 'missing' credentials on your 'to do' list, just sit tight. They probably aren't logged in yet. As Dean J just reassured everyone in post #6 they will email everyone with missing credentials next week and you will have a chance to submit them then.</p>

<p>Ok. I received an e-mail from the Admin Office saying that they haven't received my teacher's letter of recommendation. She mailed it in over Winter Break, but, regardless, I asked her to send it again. She sent it through Common App AND e-mailed the Admin Office with my name and UVA SIS username. On my SIS account though, it says it still hasn't been received. The e-mail stated that I had until Friday to send it in. Should I still be worried about it? :/</p>