SIS "To Do List" - Freaking out a little here

<p>I just logged into my SIS account and saw that my To Do List shows "Send Official Transcript", which my counselor supposedly did ages ago. Oddly, under Official Transcript it says "Texas Tech University." I did take an online health class through Texas Tech to satisfy my high school requirement... did I need to ask Texas Tech to send that info to UVA?? Hopefully, my HS transcript has been received and it's only this Texas Tech thing that's being referred to... but will this prevent my application from being seen as complete and effect my EA status??</p>

<p>Read this, it should help: Notes</a> from Peabody: The UVA Application Process: Some notes about whast you see in SIS</p>

<p>Also, read this: Notes</a> from Peabody: The UVA Application Process: Missing document emails going out today!</p>

<p>Basically, if we haven't emailed you asking for something and you applied EA, we have the essential documents needed to make a decision.</p>

<p>Thank you sooo much, Dean J! That is a great relief! And how nice of you guys to send out reminder emails to those with missing items. I can only imagine the amount of correspondence and work that goes into this whole process. I hope the admissions office is getting a nice, long holiday!</p>