SJSU announces criteria for fall 2021 admission

For frosh admission, add the following:

800 points x A-G Coursework GPA
200 points if in Local Admission Area (will graduate high school in Santa Clara County)
40 points if Eligible for Cal State Apply application fee waiver
40 points if Military (Active Duty, Veteran, National Guard or Reserves)
40 points if First Generation (Applicant is first of their generation to earn a four-year college degree)

For applicants to engineering majors, add the following:

400 points x Math GPA

The point totals will be used to rank applicants for frosh admission to each major.

Note: minimum GPA for frosh admission is 2.50 for California residents, 3.00 for non-California residents.

Transfer applicants will be ranked by college GPA; some majors may also consider prerequisite completion. This is similar to previous years. Since fall 2019, SJSU added 0.25 to the college GPA for applicants who completed a majority of credit at community colleges in Santa Clara or Santa Cruz County (local admission area preference).

@ucbalumnus thank you for posting this!! My son’s first choice is Animation/Illustration at SJSU and last year their Eligibility Index was 4300 for that major. Since they are not using the Sat scores as part of the equation I am assuming that number will be lower for this years applicants. My son has a 4.29 A-G gpa so by my calculations that puts his score at 3,432. I have no idea if this will be enough…I suppose it depends on what their highest ranked applicants score is this year, and then it goes from there you think?