SJSU Class of 2024 Admissions Thread

My S20 has applied so I want to open a thread for others to discuss their application status for those applying as new freshman or transfers for Fall 2020. Once admission decisions start being released for SJSU, it would be great for people to share in this format:

Decision (Admitted/Denied/Waitlisted):

GPA (10th-11th grade a-g courses):
Eligibility Index, if known/calculated:

Other schools applied to:

Anything else you want to mention:

Best of luck to all applicants!

Hello. Obviously I haven’t gotten a decision yet but I want to share my info as a reference point.

SAT: 1490
ACT: Didn’t take
CSU GPA: 4.08

Major: Computer Engineering

Other Schools: Let’s just say it’s 21 more schools

Other info: Being realistic, I’m considering this as my safety school. I applied/applying to other schools around it’s proximity, bring Berkeley and Stanford, and I like all of them because of the distance it is where my dream city is (Silicon Valley) where I’m hoping to engage in many internships to further pursue my dream of being in the forefront of all future technological advancements.


  • Marquette University, CS (Accepted w/ $20K annually)
  • Regis University, IT (Accepted w/ $18K annually)
  • Santa Clara University, Web Design & Engineering (Accepted)
  • St. Louis University, CS (Accepted)
  • St. Mary’s College of California, Math+CS (Accepted w/ $29K annually)
  • University of the Pacific, CS (Accepted w/ $24K annually)
  • University of La Verne, CS (Accepted w/ $20K annually)
  • University of Portland, CS (Accepted w/ $27K annually)
  • Xavier University, CS (Accepted w/ $23K annually)

SAT: 1300 superscore, 1250 (single-take) ? ?
ACT: 27 (34 E, 25 M, 26 R, 25 S) ? ?

GPA (10th-11th grade a-g courses):

  • 10th: English 2, Biology, AP World History
  • 11th: English 3, APUSH, AP Seminar, Chemistry


  • 1st: Computer Engineering
  • 2nd: Industry Networks & Digital Technology

Eligibility Index, if known/calculated:

  • My CSU GPA was my actual A-G GPA (3.91) + .25 due to my location.
  • [(650 * 3) + (650)]/2 = 1300 SAT
  • [1300 + (4.16 * 800)] = 4628 Eligibility index

Other schools applied to:

  • Entire University of California system
  • Cal Polys (San Luis Obispo & Pomona)
  • College of the Holy Cross
  • Franklin & Marshall College
  • Loyola Marymount University
  • Fordham University
  • Fairfield University
  • Gonzaga University
  • Lewis & Clark College
  • Seattle University
  • University of San Francisco

Anything else you want to mention:

  • SJSU is practically my safety school for Computer Engineering. I don’t have the chops for Computer Science however. ? ? My metrics and location make me a decent applicant for SJSU anyways. But to be honest, stats don’t mean anything to holistic admissions process at UCs and privates.
  • Applied to 30 schools because I had the waivers :slight_smile:

Has anyone gotten a decision yet? I’ve already received three Cal State decisions and this one is the only one left

Yes my son received his decision. Accepted for business.

Son accepted today — “conditional admit self report”. He applied for biology.

Accepted Computer Engineering [1300, 3.91] in state, local

D got conditional admit self report for animation. GPA 4.13, SAT 1320. Local

Accepted Computer Science

D accepted into Psychology (conditional admit self-report)
CSU GPA 4.04
SAT 1280

My daughter was accepted for Recreation Administration. SAT 1430, ACT 31, GPA 4.2

Also accepted at Sac and Chico. Still waiting to hear from CP SLO.

accepted cs!!

@DumbleDad quick question, when is that you received an admission decision from sac state as I believed that they were releasing decisions starting March 1st?

Got accepted into animation, OUT OF STATE

Accepted, in-state. Software engg… GPA 3.8 weighted /SAT 1510.

Material Science & Engineering
3.59 Weighted

@boba345 Congrats! I’m an SJSU CS grad (eons ago). My daughter was notified by Sac State over a month ago.

admitted 3.67 weighted 1310 sat

Both my sons got accepted to CS today. Congrats to all who got accepted.

I’m a CS Major, does decision pending mean I’m pretty much rejected?