SJSU Class of 2025 —Regular Decision Release Date: Feb. 22

Figured I would start one since hopefully we will see some acceptances coming in soon! :blush: Post yours, or son/daughters major and stats. Fingers crossed for everyone!

My son has applied for the Animation/Illustration program and he has a capped/weighted 4.29 gpa.

I applied for Computer Science with a 4.07 CSU gpa. In-state but not local. CS is quite possibly the most impacted major at SJSU so I’m probably gonna get rejected, but hey it’s worth a shot lol.

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Best of luck! Yes CS is like one of the hardest to get into. But this year is strange so you just never know!

My daughter has also applied for the Animation/Illustration program with a 3.95 CSU gpa.

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From what I’m hearing, a 3.9 should get her in! My son is very excited about their animation program. :smiley:

Applied for Electrical Engineering with 4.14 CSU GPA

Your son has excellent stats for acceptance. It’s supposed to be a great animation program!

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SJSU’s ranking formula is given here:

For frosh admission for fall 2021 entry:

CSU_GPA * 800
+200 if local area
+40 if eligible for application fee waiver
+40 if military active, NG, reserve, veteran
+40 if first generation to college (parents do not have four year college degrees)

All frosh applying to engineering majors add 400 * math_GPA before ranking within major.

So for engineering it would be CSU_GPA800+400mathGPA or am I doing this wrong?

Yes, CSU_GPA * 800 + math_GPA * 400 (+ any other extra points that apply for local, fee waiver, military, first generation) for applicants to engineering majors. Note that your score is compared only with that of other applicants to your major (so everyone else gets the math_GPA * 400 added).

okay thanks… and do we use UW or W GPA for math?
I have 5176 with weighting and 4817 without…

It is not stated how math_GPA is calculated with respect to weighting or which courses, etc… You may want to ask SJSU directly if you really want to know.

My daughter also applied for Animation/Illustration program. She is an out-of-state applicant and has a 4.3 GPA if we calculated it correctly.

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GPA Calculator for the University of California – RogerHub shows how to recalculate HS GPA for UC. CSU uses the same recalculated HS GPA as the “weighted capped” HS GPA used by UC, but with one difference: a semester long college course counts as two high school courses and grades for CSU, but only one for UC.

I didn’t know about the semester long college courses counting as two high school courses. She has several of those because she is taking dual-credit courses. I’m glad she got As in all of them!

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Sounds like she has a good shot of getting accepted! Fingers crossed for her :smiley:

A few posters mentioned animation and illustration… it historically has been one of the more competitive majors at SJSU. Thresholds for fall 2020 frosh entry are given at:

However, these past threshold numbers are not directly comparable to the formula used now, since they used the CSU_GPA * 800 + SAT_RW + SAT_M formula (CSUs are SAT/ACT blind now, so they changed the formula).

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Yes I think we are all sitting here on pins and needles wondering what the threshold will be for the Animation program …as far as the min GPA. I have a feeling a 3.9 could be the cutoff, but I guess it all depends upon the amount of applicants too.

While we wait, maybe y’all can help us out. We weren’t able to visit campus due to Covid, and we have never been to San Jose.

What is it like being on campus in the middle of downtown? Does the campus still feel like a campus? Or does it just blend in to the downtown area?

Are there apartment complexes within walking distance of the campus or on a shuttle? Or are hosing options further away and students commute in?

The SJSU campus is pretty well defined (as opposed to having buildings mixed with non-campus buildings in the surrounding area):

SJSU’s housing page is here:
But things should be considered subject to change due to COVID-19-related events (e.g. vaccine supply). Before COVID-19, frosh, other than non-traditionals and those from within about 30 miles, were required to live in campus dorms.