SJSU Class of 2026 - Regular Decision

Please post your SJSU decision using the format below. Best of luck to all applicants.

When posting your Impaction index, see the criteria on the link provided along with following information:

As of Fall 2019, an increased preference was given to local applicants through a 0.25 GPA increase in the calculation for those applicants who will graduate from a high school in Santa Clara County.

In addition to the preference given to local applicants, SJSU will consider additional factors in the impaction process. Specifically, additional consideration will be given to applicants who qualify for the Cal State Apply application fee waiver; are the first to attend college in their family (first-generation); and/or are a U.S. veteran. Further details on the factors considered in the impaction process can be found on our impaction page.

Applicants to majors in the College of Engineering(COE) will be ranked using a modified eligibility index that will take into consideration applicants’ math GPA in addition to the factors listed above.

SJSU began admitting Fall 2021 applicants in late February. Please continue to check your MySJSU account for updates to your admission status and messages posted about our progress in our admission process. Applicants in a Decision Pending (DP) status are still under consideration for admission.*

Decision: Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted

CSU Capped Weighted GPA:
Math GPA for Engineering Applicants:
Number of a-g courses taken 9-12th:
Number of UC approved Honors/AP/IB or DE classes:
Intended Major:
Local (Santa Clara County HS’s)/Non-local CA resident/OOS/International:
SJSU Impaction Index: See note above about the Impaction index and check the link on the calculation: Impaction | Admissions


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When will the decisions be out?

And which are impacted majors?

All majors at SJSU are listed as impacted and therefore subject to competitively determined admission thresholds, although some majors’ competitively determined thresholds were not higher than the CSU baseline in some years.

Impaction | Admissions has some information, and Freshmen Impaction Results | Admissions has the most recent thresholds (for fall 2021 frosh as of this writing, will probably change to fall 2022 frosh when they release decisions).

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Last year, SJSU decisions started posting on February 22nd.


Thanks for all this info. Sorry I’m so dense, but I’d never calculated the CSU GPA as I’d assumed it was the same as the UC GPA (except for SLO) or seen an Impaction Point Index. Does this mean if a student is below the major’s index cutoff, they won’t be admitted, and anyone above it is ranked according to their index #?

Also, is the additional Math Index for College of Engineering applicants the only number they look at? Or is that in addition to the major index cutoff?

Are there no other factors SJSU uses to admit besides these indices? Looking at their website I don’t see any other factors considered. TIA!

The CSU GPA is the same as the weighted capped UC GPA except that if the student took college courses, each semester counts as two semesters of courses and grades for CSU, but one for UC.

The SJSU impaction page shows threshold eligibility indices where applicants with that number or higher were admitted, while those below that number were rejected. For engineering applicants, the additional points for math GPA are added to the basic eligibility index, which is why the engineering thresholds are higher than the other major thresholds that do not add the math GPA points.

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Ah, thank you, I think I’m starting to understand! So if I understand correctly, that linked page shows the cutoffs for students admitted last year, and that cutoff might be higher or lower each year depending on the number of available spots and the index #s of the applicant pool.

It says to calculate math GPA: 400 points x Math GPA
Is that initial Math GPA calculated based solely on the eligible math course gradess used for the A-G GPA, without adding additional Honors points?

Thanks so much!

I don’t think the math GPA has been spelled out clearly anywhere but I would conservatively calculate as (UW Math GPA x 400) from 10-11 grades.

Software engineering had the highest engineering impaction score of 4200. The lower end of the max impaction score is 800x4.4+4x400=5120, assuming no weight to the math GPA. Given how in demand Software Engineering is (it has the same outcomes as CS at SJSU), I can’t imagine the max possible score to be greater than 5120 given that the 2021 score for admittance was only 4200.

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I see, that makes sense. Had no idea how this works, thank you!

Thanks @ucbalumnus

Thanks @Gumbymom

If a current applicant has an index well above the 2021 impaction scores, is it likely they’d be admitted for 2022 (assuming a similar cutoff index)? In other words, do they admit solely based on the index scores? I don’t see SJSU considers other factors like Cal Poly or some other CSUs do, but maybe I missed that? Thx!

As @Gumbymom often says, being above last year’s threshold doesn’t mean an admit for this year. If its an impacted major like CS, there may be more applicants this year and the thresholds will likely go up. The higher you are above the 2021 threshold, the better the chances but there are no guarantees.

SJSU gives an extra 200 points kicker to people in Santa Clara county. Additionally, there is a 40-point bump given to first gen, military status, and low income.

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Yeah, I can’t even imagine what the cutoffs will be this year. Was trying to understand if there were other factors they consider other than the index. I do see the formula shows how to add points for local students, first gen, low income, military, which is nice.

Even if we don’t know where the thresholds will be this year, it’s helpful to see how they calculate admissions. I saw on the SLO thread they don’t explain the MCA, which makes sense since it’s more holistic review now, but adds to the stress not knowing how things are assessed, not even knowing what factors are weighted more etc.

This has been very eye-opening, thank you for sharing so much info!

When will they release the result? any guess?

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I want to say sometime this week since they mention “end of February for fall applicants” on the school website! Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are released on the last day of February :rofl:

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My daughter has not been accepted yet, but applied in a major and has since zeroed in on what she wants to do, which is not the major she applied for. What should she do?