SJSU Transfer Fall 2021 Thread

Didn’t see a transfer thread for SJSU.

Major: Sociology
GPA: 3.76
IGETC: Completed by end of Spring 2021
Golden 4: A, A, A, A

These are my stats

Major: Business Admin
GPA: 3.74
IGETC: Completed
Golden 4: A, A, A, A
Local: No, from southern California
Applied: SJSU (pending), SDSU (pending), CP Pomona (pending), CSULB (accepted), CP SLO (pending)

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Once SJSU completes transfer admission decisions for fall 2021, it will likely post threshold GPAs at

Past threshold GPAs can also be found there.

Major: Kinesiology
GPA: 3.34
IGETC: Completed by end of Spring 2021
Golden 4: A, A, B, C
Applied: SJSU, CSULB (wait-listed), SDSU, SAC (accepted)

PRAYING to get into SJSU, them being one of the last CSUs to announce admissions makes me anxious.

Good luck!!

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Anyone got any updates on their portal?

Major: Bus Admin
GPA: 3.2
IGETC: Incomplete
Golden 4: B,B,B,B
Applied: CPP (Accepted), UofA(Accepted), USF (Accepted), SFSU (Accepted). Pending: CPSLO, SDSU, SJSU, every UC.

Nope not yet

No updates yet but they’re going to be sending the decisions this week as they mentioned on social media

Someone on r/applyingtocollege posted that decisions are out for sjsu but idk

I saw that too but I think they are a freshman applicant.

Yeah freshman applications came out today

I DM’d SJSU Enrollment Services on Instagram to ask what they deemed the “end of February” for transfer application decisions. They told me that transfer decisions should begin appearing at the end of this week (so possibly as early as tomorrow maybe?) and will continue through the first 2 weeks of March. Almost there! Hopefully most of us are able to within the next week.


Nice! Thanks for sharing!

Have they released decisions on weekends before?

Not sure, but around this time last year is when they accepted transfers, not most likely coming out on Monday or early next week if not this weekend

In case anyone else missed it, SJSU’s Enrollment Twitter account tweeted (2 hours ago) that transfer notifications would begin next week!


Ughhhhh it’s taking them so long. Hopefully we all know by next week