Skidmore 2024 ED2

I applied ED2 to Skidmore and I am an international student applying for full financial aid. Does anyone know whether Skidmore gives full financial aid to international students? They say the decision will come by February 14; does anyone know when exactly is the decision coming?

Hello! I am also an international student applying to Skidmore ed2.I think that Skidmore meets the 100% demonstrated need but the its Admission is very selective and has limited funds.Can I know your stats because I think I have very low SAT score (1260)

I got 1480 in SAT.

I got 1480 in SAT and 3.6 unweighted GPA . Do you think I will get through with full aid, and when are the results coming out? I hope they come out soon.

I think that your SAT score is great for Skidmore college. If your essay, extracurricular activities is also impressive then you have a great chance of being accepted at Skidmore.However, Since Skidmore has limited Financial Aid and is need aware,it might effect your chances as you are asking for full aid. The decision will be released on 15th of February. Best of Luck!

Which Major you intend to learn at Skidmore college?Did you apply for Porter Presidential Scholarship?

I intend to pursue Economics major, and I have not applied for the Porter Presidential Scholarship.

@Elins234 what major do you intend to study?

@Noone56778 Skidmore offers around 20 full aid packages each year out of which 12 or 13 of them are given to UWC school graduates. So that leaves us with 100s of students competing for 7 or 8 spots.

I am international applicant
1370 SAT [one of the weakest]
3.98 UW GPA (25 A+, 1A-)
3 additional classes in grade 11 and 12 [Envi Sci, CS, History]
Completed 12 college credits [Calc, Nanotech, Organic Chem]: 3.7 UW GPA
Currently enrolled in 2 college courses worth 8 credits [multivariable calc, quantum mechanics]
ECs : Research internship for 3 years [1 year as paid intern]
2 international research publications
International olympiad finalist
2 international awards
4 national awards
13 state awards
Founded 2 clubs: Environmental Club and anti-ragging club.

Weak Essays (probably the weakest part of my app)

Recs: Counselor (9/10)
Chem & Bio (10/10)
English (10/10)

I am planning to major in Computer Science at Skidmore

I’m really hoping we’ll find out by Friday and not have to wait until after the weekend. One of my twins got in ED1 and waiting to hear if other twin gets in ED2

Hello,I am am international student
SAT=1340 SAT
GPA=92% UW

School Science club_ president for 2 years

enlighted Africa youth tech motivation local club(founder) running for 2 years

internship in local automobile repair company(for 2 years in summer time only)

journalist and editor(for local Company newspaper aiming to motivate those affected by HIV Aids) for 3 years.

public speech club(founder) 2 years running (won local debate award)


reached to the last round of national math competition

Best of the month award winner in my school

Debate award

Teach rec 1=physics teacher (10/10) I had the opportunity to see it before he submit it and he wrote how he is amazed by my curiosity and bright mind)
teach rec 2=English teacher 9/10
counselor recc=10/10 because I am close to him.
Essay=I dont know but received positive feedback from all the proof reads.
Applied for porter scholarship.

Financial aid=…I said I will contribute 7.5k$ per year.
From Africa Kenya
What do you say guys

Decisions are out! My son got accepted so now I’ll have both twins there next year. Good luck


I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sure you will get into a school that will be a perfect fit for you. Hang in there.

I just received my acceptance for Skidmore and received the Porter/Wachenheim scholarship. It made my day! The financial aid package is incredible and I am going to go visit (they pay for the flight). I want to double major in mathematics/Computer Science anyone who has attended know anything about these departments?