Skidmore ED1 2025 Thread

Hello everyone,

I am excited to announce I have verbally committed to the ED1 process at Skidmore as an athlete for the class of 2025. I know it’s early but I thought I’d start a thread for anyone else planning to apply ED1 this year.

Some of my stats:

3.9 UW GPA, 34 ACT/1510 SAT (competitive public high school)

Let me know if anyone has any questions.

a current freshman at Skidmore: Good luck ; see you on campus!

What sport did you commit for? I am also a current senior and am highly considering committing to the ED1 process at Skidmore as an athlete for the class of 2025 after my contact with the coach these past few months.

I’m still not sure what school I’m going to ED1 at but leaning towards Skidmore and I’m super excited.

Hello I am applying ED1, when are the decisions out?

Not sure exactly. they said “by December 9th” so I really think it could be any day now. I know they said it would be by the 9th, but I also have a feeling that it will be on the 9th. Good luck though! Let me know how it goes! I’m applying ED too, so if you want to chat I am open!

Amr, are you Egyptian? :slight_smile:

Ana masreya, da fake name :joy:

Edeinee el facebook account bta3ak tyb aw ay haga

I think you probably could but tbh I’m a little scared to! It’s only a couple more days at the most, so it’s not that much longer a wait. And that’s crazy that you guys recognized each other!

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I see a lot of Egyptians here! Hope we all get in. Do you guys think the decision will come tomorrow night or what?

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I hope we all get in too! I honestly think that they will be released Wednesday night. Of course I want to be proven wrong but I think we have a couple more days left!

I’m kinda nervous as my app isn’t the best and the interview was a bad one. Can’t wait!

I’m sure you’ll be fine! I really hope to be walking on the green with you all next year! Did you get a chance to visit?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t as I’m Egyptian. I just had an interview and some virtual tours. Hope to see you there, too!

Gotcha, I live in Pennsylvania so its not too far of a drive for me! It is an absolutely gorgeous campus with the cutest town you’ll ever see!

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Check your DM. I’ve sent you my FB account to follow up in the next days.

I have a feeling today is gonna be the day!!! Good Luck Everyone!

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Hi everyone. I’m applied for Ed as well. And I was wondering if you guys could tell me what attracted you to Skidmore to most?

Yeah I also like that they are all about sustainability. I was looking into changing my lifestyle