Skidmore & Interviews

My daughter is a rising high school senior and Skidmore is her #1 choice. She will interview but does anyone know if the interviews on line are with an admissions officer, a student, or alum? It doesn’t indicate on their website, just has a form to complete.

Any other admission tips really appreciated too! Thank you!

Hey I am an international student I want to ask about the community at skidmore

I am unsure about the interview process, but one very important tip is demonstrated interest. Many qualified/over-qualified applicants are turned down because Skidmore does a good job with estimating which students are using Skidmore as a back-up for an institution with somewhat higher admissions standards. I am aware of someone from the most recent high school class that was waitlisted at Skidmore but accepted at Harvard. If this is her #1 choice, apply ED1, but first I would recommend you consult financial aid. Skidmore is very generous with grants and aid but I always recommend checking, especially with the ED1 process. Good luck with this process and I hope you end up at Skidmore, it’s a great place!