Skidmore vs. Brandeis BA theater

<p>I need your help urgently! I am a prospective theater major, mostly looking at BA programs but applying to NYU and Carnegie Mellon as exceptions. (probably directing not acting)
I applied early to Northwestern, but I need a "likely" school on my list. Brandeis and Skidmore are both good likely options for me, and they both have good theater programs I've been told, so I can't decide! I want a school like Northwestern where I'm able to double major in something else, but also have good training and A LOT of performance opportunities. </p>

<p>Brandeis' proximity to Boston attracts me - I go to school near Boston and love the Boston theater scene - but Skidmore seems to have a more pre-professional focus, with a showcase and all. </p>

<p>Any thoughts? I'd appreciate your help!!</p>

<p>Topgirl, perhaps you should apply to both. If all or most of your other choices evaporate and it comes down to these two, you can probably make a better decision later. Perhaps you can visit the schools, or at least talk to students and faculty. One of them may offer you money which could make a difference. For now, concentrate on your applications.</p>

<p>I agree with theater mom....they're both said to be great programs in different ways and you'd probably want to visit and talk to both depts. This could be quite an enjoyable trip if you're in at both places!</p>

<p>Does anyone know which of these two schools has better music training/options for MT?</p>

<p>Brandeis does not offer training in musical theatre. There may be an elective class given- I have one daughter who graduated from Brandeis as a fine arts major and another that is a music and theater double major but she did not apply to Brandeis. Skidmore has a new music building in construction and looks to be expanding their program. You might consider looking at American University or in Boston, Boston Conservatory or Emerson.</p>

<p>BOCO, American, and Emerson are all great schools, but would not meet the criteria of a "likely" school for the OP. That may not be a criteria for julibelle, however.</p>

<p>Boston Conservatory is a highly competitive audition based Musical Theatre program. Not a lot of opportunity to take many liberal arts classes. </p>

<p>Emerson and American also require an audition for their Theatre programs, so could not be considered "likely" schools in terms of intended major. </p>

<p>In addition to the information about Skidmore already provided they also have a strong dance program if you are interested in studying dance as well.</p>

<p>Boston College could be another option of a "likely" school if Skidmore would be considered one for you. I believe the admissions standards are similar. I am sure there is a college counselor on CC who could confirm or deny. </p>

<p>Muhlenberg may also be a good school to look at for Theatre and MT opportunities.</p>

<p>Just want to clarify that Skidmore does not offer a MT major. There are student-run musicals each year, but D heard some negative comments about their quality/frequency back when she was applying. Muhlenberg also does not offer an MT major, but many seem to get the equivalent by cobbling together theater and music courses, plus the theater department does do MT productions.</p>

<p>D was accepted to Brandeis, but heard from more than one person that the departmental theater productions are dominated by the grad students. That was enough to send her elsewhere--I have no idea if it's an accurate picture, though, and it does seem that there are a lot of student-run opportunities to perform.</p>

<p>Thanks for clarifying for those who did not know that Muhlenberg and Skidmore do not have a musical theatre major or concentration. Since this is the theater forum, not the MT forum I assumed that julibelle was looking for MT opportunities within the context of a theatre program. :)</p>

<p>...has an outstanding theater department. As does University of Connecticut.</p>

<p>^^^This girl is interested primarily in BA programs. She is also seeking safety schools. </p>

<p>Ithaca and UConn are BFA programs with highly selective admit rates into those programs. No BFA programs are safeties. Ithaca's BFA, in fact, is extremely reachy odds for any candidate. In any case, these are not BAs.</p>

<p>Ithaca does have a BA program. It is primarily for students who want to study stage management, directing, playwriting, and selected other concentrations not available as BFA programs at Ithaca. It seems to be a program for generalists with a greater need for an academic education. At any rate, Ithaca does not take kindly to anyone applying to the BA program as a backup to the BFA program. The tryout literature refers to these students as “BFA wannabees,” and warns that they may be able to play the interviewers but will only be shortchanging themselves. Probably not be a good choice for topgirl.</p>

<p>topgirl also wants lots of performance opportunities. A BA program can offer that. But I would be wary of doing a BA in a school that ALSO has a BFA, in terms of performance opportunities and would want to check on that very closely for a BA student.</p>