SLO classes

<p>can current SLO students please tell me whether TAs teach the classes there??</p>

<p>good question. i'm not a current student.. will be this fall :D and i asked a friend this and he hasn't had a TA teach ever. but i'm sure there are some.. he just hasn't had one.</p>

<p>Sometimes they'll teach a lab, but a lot of times prof's will do that as well. I've never heard of a TA actually teaching a lecture portion. One of the biggest draws of CP is the student-faculty interaction.</p>

<p>that's good to hear. thanx Giants8307.</p>

<p>thanks. btw another question, I'm a biochemistry major, so I was wondering whether SLO's science programs are any good? Do science majors from SLO get good reputation?</p>

<p>I was a bio major at SLO and think it was a great program. A lot of my friends who went straight to grad school in bio/biochem got into very good schools (Cal, Davis, UCSB...) so it seems to be a very reputable program. I noticed you were also asking about USC, though, and I would that is more prestigious overall, but Cal Poly is definitely worth considering. Maybe check out the Open House in April.</p>

<p>One nice thing about not having grad students on campus: almost no TA's! Once in a while there will be a TA teaching a lab (but rarely) but in the case of some - they are very enthusiastic about their subject matter (Botany for one class) and quite good.</p>

<p>Thus far I have not had a "grad student" for any class (although my english professor recently graduated from Cal Poly for his master's) but for freshman classes that multiple majors have to take such as Calculus and English you may have one teaching the course (A friend of mine had a math graduate student teach Calculus I). For upper level classes though there are almost none.</p>