Smith Waitlist

Anyone with any Smith wait list activity?

Nothing yet

Not here either, hoping we will hear something from them soon

Anyone hear anything?

Still no word

I’m so anxious I hope we hear something soon.

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any updates?

I just found out about mine - it came in an email just saying whether or not I got off the waitlist

was your portal updated too?

no, my portal still says that my last status update was in march

Were you accepted for admission off the waitlist?

i was accepted for january 2022 admission!

Congratulations! Was that what you were seeking or was that what they offered?

thanks! no, i originally applied for fall 2021 admission so i guess there was just more room in january next year!

congratulations! when you responded to the waitlist offer did you opt for just january 2022 or both fall 2021 and jan?

i opted for either september 2021 and january 2022!


My daughter was also accepted off the wait-list today for January '22.

did you send a loci?

yup! i honestly don’t think i would’ve gotten in if i hadn’t

i sent one too but i haven’t heard back. i’m super nervous!