Smith Waitlist

I wonder if they accepted everyone they were going to accept yesterday

i think if they did they would sent an email to everyone on the waitlist that they didn’t accept, telling them they’re released. that’s what other colleges do


did anyone else request to be considered only for fall 2021?

i did

i did because my major didn’t allow for the september 2022 waitlist

i did as well… i’m going to assume they haven’t released those decisions yet because of possible capacity issues?

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has anyone else gotten word from them?

The word from a Smith parents forum is that housing is expected to be manageable but crowded in the Fall as everyone returns to campus full-time (basically not as many singles as usual for 3d and 4th year students). No official word why but could be any combination of enrollment, gap years, limits on study abroad, etc. This might be why offers are being made for the Spring term.

Has anyone else heard back from them?


no nothing

anything new?

Another spot for January '22 just opened up. My daughter just declined her admission. This is the first year they are admitting a freshman “J” class (January admission). They expect to have approximately 50-60 new admits at orientation in January. Good luck to those still waiting!

do you guys think it’s worth waiting for this? idk about anyone else, but i need to submit where i’m heading for college so that the school can send final transcripts…

you have to put in a deposit regardless if you’re taken off the waitlist. i’ve sent in a deposit already but i still think there’s a minuscule chance they might take students for fall '21

I just got off the waitlist for January admission!

Congrats! Wdym for January admission?

For January 2022 admission

Congratulations! How long does Smith give you to decide when they offer you a spot off the waitlist?

I got if off the waitlist too! They gave us until Friday to repond. Quick question for y’all, but how does January admission work?? Lowkey kinda confused??