Smith Waitlist

The January admission thing does sound kind of unusual. There are a couple comments about it earlier in this thread. Sounds like they want to admit as many good candidates as they can, but might be facing a housing crunch in the fall. So they’re offering some people a January start date – they must expect that more space will be available then.

so no one has been offered fall '21 admission off the waitlist? just january?

yeah it looks like just january. still confused on how it works. will they have us take extra classes to get the credits during the semester? or will we do summer classes? do they want us to graduate with the rest of class of 2025 or would we graduate in a separate ceremony in january?? I’m hoping the package they send me will have a bunch of info bc this is confusing

Not sure, but I suspect it would be up to you. You could either take classes to catch up with the class of 2025 (e.g., summer classes, community college classes in the fall, etc.), or you could graduate with the class of 2026. I doubt Smith is big enough to have a separate ceremony in January – you’d probably take part in the ceremony in the spring, even if you had officially graduated a few months earlier.

I would hope that it’s the summer class or community college options, so then we could catch up to class of 2025. I’m assuming if that happens then we would enter the next fall on a normal schedule. idk, I’m just waiting to see the info in the letter

I doubt the letter will say much about that. I’d think it’ll be up to you whether you want to take extra classes to catch up vs. graduate a year later.

just got the letter and we’d graduate a year later. the exact words were “members of the class of 2026J will complete their final semester at smith in 2026”. I’m probably going to go! anyone else in this thread going?

We are still waiting to hear a response for my daughter who is on the wait list. I’m curious if the financial aid package Smith offered was similar to what you received at other schools, or if being on the wait list may have resulted in a lower offer?

I got a good bit of financial aid, I was offered 25k per semester. This is a bit more than their financial aid calculator said I would get

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My financial aid package was more competitive than all other schools I got into other than UGA. (I am attending!)

oooo very exciting! see you in january then! we should make another thread for students in 2026J