SMU 2025 Admits Open Forum

D not yet committed to any school, but we have thus far been so impressed by SMU based on communication, personalized mailings both from the U and specific departments, and merit awards. They seem to be the most organized of all the (14) schools to which D has applied, which has consequently moved SMU to the top of her list. Who else is getting more and more excited about SMU as the months roll by?


SMU is my daughter’s first choice. I agree that they are organized and sending lot of emails. However I am not happy with the delay in financial aid package from them. My daughter was accepted under EA and didn’t receive any merit aid. We were told that by Jan. end, we will be notified about the aid. When I called the admission dept. a few days back, I was given the email address of the person who is handling the financial aid. My daughter wrote an email to her but didn’t receive any reply! We cannot afford the fee unless we get at least a decent need based aid from SMU. I am telling my daughter not to be very optimistic about it now. The admissions dept is good but not happy with the financial aid dept. regarding communication.

I’m sure it will come soon - good luck!

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Thanks dear

I am, as is my daughter. She actually kind of applied to SMU as an afterthought because they had a free application period. However, it is currently her first choice based on the size of her merit scholarship, personal attention, and the campus itself. Not only is it beautiful and in a city we love, it is very accessible, which is important because she has a degenerative disease which can be painful, sometimes requires surgeries, etc. Now just waiting to see about other admission offers, honors college admissions elsewhere, scholarships, etc. She has made it to the interview round for the Presidential scholarship at another university, so lots to consider. This whole process just takes so long…Anyway, I hope she ends up at SMU, but I guess we will see. Pony up, right?


My daughter just found out she’s a finalist for Presidential scholar. Email arrived to her today. Virtual interviews this year but option of paid trip to visit campus if she wants.

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Awesome! Congrats! My daughter just received notification today that she is a finalist for the Hunt scholarship! Things are getting exciting!

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Did anyone else receive an email about the President’s scholarship? Does this mean they all went out yesterday?

Another student from my daughter’s school is also a finalist and received notice yesterday as well. They are doing virtual interviews this year on March 12. But the finalists have the opportunity to visit Dallas with flight and hotel paid for at their convenience between March 1 and May 1. This is optional of course and they don’t expect those not comfortable traveling to do so at this point.

Curious, did she apply for the Hunt, as well?

Actually no she didn’t .