SMU EA/ED Class of 2024 discussion

Hi-starting a thread for EA/ED discussion-who has applied? My DD applied EA. Good luck everyone!

Applied EA. Navi’s ce shows my HS has a high rate of acceptance to SMU. Ive heard EA will hear around Dec 15th, but I don’t know if that means Friday, Dec 13th or Monday the 16th. I’m hopeful. My GPA is not good, but I’ve taken 12 APs. My test scores are pretty good.

@southerntide1 Is SMU your DD’s first choice?

@SlimJim001 She’s not sure-how about you? It’s definitely among her top!

It’s a top pick for me. I’m from Texas. It’s probably a “target”, not a “Reach”, but I won’t know that until Dec. If I don’t get in, then I’ll know it’s a reach. I’m hopeful my test scores will help.

Applied EA. Liked the campus. Will see in December I guess…

My parents are a little worried about the money/frat/party culture there. Will likely visit again with both parents if I get in EA. They’ve saved more than enough to pay for SMU but aren’t convinced is worth 72k. Guess we will see.

@dg That’s is what everyone says. Even kids that go there have told me that if they hadn’t gotten merit and/or athletic scholarship $$$, then they wouldn’t have gone. It’s not Vanderbilt or Washington & Lee or even Wake Forest, so it’s worth so much and no more. It would have to break into an upper tier to be worth full price. That said, it remains a top pick for me b/c I won’t be getting into that upper tier of schools.

Does anyone know when ED applicants will hear the big news? Is it before EA on 12/15?

@SlimJim005 that makes sense. Is solid school. Have heard applications up 30-35 percent this year with football having such a good year. Will be interesting.

They also changed business school admission in that you need to get in through high school and will be limited slots for current students.

Have heard mid December for EA. Perhaps a week earlier for those that applied ED. Applications expected to be up a healthy amount vs last year.

DD applied ED. Plans to walk on for a sport but that’s not accounted for in the application except maybe in the Why SMU essay and success in that area. Pre-health major. Lots of other significant ECs but stats are below average.

I recruit Cox BBAs and MBAs and the quality is high. Comparable to UT-Austin with less variability.

@tristatecoog thx for the color on Cox BBAs. Is an impressive program.

DD got a letter in the mail yesterday saying her application was complete and the adcom looks forward to getting to know her over the coming weeks. Contact her admissions rep if there are any significant updates she’d want to share.

My daughter got into both Vanderbilt and the Honors program at UT but chose SMU for all that it offered. (We are from NY) It was unquestionably the right choice. She had a wonderful experience, made incredible friends, traveled the world & was taught by top notch professors. She graduated Summa Cum Laude & is very successful. And it cost half the price! Win-Win for everyone!

What was it that SMU offered specifically? Am waiting to hear but have 5 EA acceptances already, I like SMU so any specifics would be great.

when does SMUs decisions come out for EA? a date?

EDs are coming out! Lovely girl I know just got accepted! Good luck everyone.

SMU ED I’s were all released today.

When do you think EA’s will come out? Sometime this week?