SMU ED Class of 2025

Any idea when decisions will be out?

Last year they came out December 3, so I am thinking it might be next week .

EA same time as ED1 notifications?

I applied EA. I’m pretty sure they come out the second Friday of December 7pm central time

ED 1 tonight by 7pm (central)

did you receive email notification of this? we are ea so wondering if it will also be tonight or more likely a week or 2 later

yes, an email from smu re ed 1 applicants

Ok thank you - hopefully EA soon - good luck!

EA is about a week later. My DD got in through ED one year ago today! Happy girl that had a great first semester. New friends from many parts of the country and different majors. Some plan to rush this spring and others don’t. Mix of in person and virtual classes. More in person for upper level classes. Good luck!


Thank you! Glad your daughter loves it!

just a follow up… son got ed1, cox. all good.

smu is phenomenal for b-school/finance/law and will only get better. even today, not enough students to fill internships available. dallas and texas are exploding (see just one example - goldman sachs asset management looking to leave manhattan for south florida or dallas). turns out crazy is not good for business.

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Congratulations @timmyisinthewell your son will have a great time and great prospects. I’ve recruited at Cox for many years. Very impressive talent.

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Congratulations. Would you mind sharing his stats

Does anyone know when EA comes out ?

Also wondering when they will be releasing the EA decisions?

Haven’t heard about EA release date yet . . . Anyone else?

nope, none

An SMU staff member called the admin office and was told EA acceptances will begin coming out in bunches beginning 12/15 through 12/18. You can see the post in the SMU EA decision date topic.

Do they only come out by mail? Or do they also put it on the portal?

stats and major??