SMU RD 2021

RD deadline is approaching so I thought adding this thread was a good course of action, also making a GroupMe if anyone is interested in joining!

Does SMU send likely letters to RD applicants?

Not that I’ve heard of

Any idea when we should here back for RD?

Last year it was in the first week of March.

I applied RD, just got in with an 80K 2nd century scholarship. Good luck everyone!

@andrewsuni2021 Congratulations! My daughter got in RD on 2/14 with an email that she is a finalist for the President’s Scholarship. Pony Up!

Admitted student days are March 20, 27 and April 10 for the one day program and March 30-31 and April 6-7 for the two day program. It seems the RD notifications should be out very soon if admitted students are expected on campus by the 20th. Admitted student reception in Phoenix March 18 per website.

For those who have been accepted, how long after acceptance did you hear about BBA Scholars or Business Direct?

Any idea when I could expect to hear if I was deferred? Also does anyone have an idea if I will be admitted? 3.75 GPA, 30 ACT, lots of EC’s and leadership positions, many volunteer hours completed as well!

Those are almost identical stats as me. I was admitted early and recently received the Second Century Scholarship for 80K. Good luck! @megan_janus22

anyone know when we will likely hear back? also can someone tell me my chances? thanks and Good luck everyone!
ACT 29
4.0 GPA (4.6 W)
11 APs
Strong leadership roles/ECs/volunteer hours
expressed interest in the Choir
intended major: Finance

@swissmiss7 I’d say you’re in great shape for admission!

@SMU2021 oh awesome! ok that gives me a ton of hope!!! did you have to apply for that scholarship separately?

For those of you who already heard back, when did you apply? I sent in my application fairly late (January 10th) and my counselor submitted by mid year transcript pretty late (February 9th)

I applied January 22 and my mid-year transcript was received by them on February 11.
I did not submit my SAT score because they did not reply to my email. But they automatically waived my TOEFL/IELTS requirement (I’m an international student), which could be because of the SAT score indicated on my Common App.

I think the decisions will be out this week. Not that I’m looking forward to attending.

My D applied shortly before January 15. SMU later extended the deadline for applications for a week. She heard back on February 14. If SMU follows traditional patterns, RD decisions should come out this week.

No, I did not apply for the scholarship separately. It is a merit award based off of test scores and GPA. I applied EA and did not receive an award, my GPA was just short of the requirement. Once my mid-year transcript was received it elevated my GPA in to the eligibility range, I took 4 AP’s last semester and rocked them. Was so happy to get the merit letter in late Jan/early Feb, can’t remember exact date. Again, good luck to you and all still waiting to hear back! @megan_janus22

I believe you’ll be hearing back either this week or early next week. For anyone wondering, business direct is supposed to come out during the week of the 10th.

Are we notified by mail or online?