SMU Transfer Fall 2020

Decided to make a thread for students trying to transfer to SMU fall 2020. I applied on March 2nd and haven’t heard any news yet. Has anyone heard or applied around the same time?

Just finishing up my application. I know I’m a little behind on this one but it is my final app. Hoping to be admitted to Cox.

Thanks for starting this thread.

Did anyone else just get an email from their admissions counselor about virtual appointments?

@valovers Yes I saw that earlier. I think I am going to take advantage of that. Although it may not make a significant difference in any admission decision, I feel it cannot hurt as long as one presents themselves well.

@octransfer2020 did you end up meeting with your counselor?

@valovers I have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes and if it was necessary.

@valovers PM me if you want to talk about it or have any questions regarding it.

Can anyone chance me?

Applying for Cox
Male, Mixed
Applying from an unknown 4yr
3.94 GPA and 3.95 Mid-term report
30 ACT (taken as a junior in HS)
3.0 HS GPA (BIG upward trend)
Decent EC’s (major-related though)
7/10? LOR
Straightforward but solid essay (7.5/10?)

@ppatel9346 I’m no expert but I am sure you will be admitted.

Admitted this morning!
3.7 GPA but I think my essays were the strongest part of my application.
Good luck everyone!

@octransfer2020 Really? I know SMU isn’t the most competitive school out there overall but I thought Cox was super competitive. I’m applying to the alternative assets program too.

@ppatel9346 Cox is competitive but you are obviously a competitive applicant. I was told the average Gpa for ALTS is a 3.85. Again I am just relaying information that I was told on reddit.

@ppatel9346 Accepted! Stats are above.

Anyone from CA in this thread by chance?