So after three years, how bad/good did I do.

English I Honors 93
Geometry Honors 93
Biology Honors 92
Spanish I Honors 92
World History Honors 94
Gym 99
Accounting I 94</p>

<p>Here it comes. Sophomore
English II Adv. Honors (AP difficulty)(90)
Algebra II Honors 91
Chemistry Adv. Honors (AP difficulty) 84
Spanish II/III Honors 88
US History I AP 90
Gym 99
Marketing I 95</p>

<p>Junior. Oh boy
English Language AP 93
Precalculus Honors 89
AP Chemistry 85
Physics Honors 89
Spanish IV Honors 91
US History II Honors 95
Gym 98
Symphonic Band 100</p>

<p>THAT right there, folks, is how NOT to get into Cornell. Oh and pro-tip, get out of the classes with BS teachers who make classes beyond impossible (hint Spanish II/III)</p>


<p>Good luck next time around.</p>

<p>Don’t beat yourself up, those grades are really good.</p>

<p>Nah trust me, if I was a still a freshman and I saw these grades I’d have been on suicide watch (okay not literally). Now I accept them because I still worked my ass off for them. They’re still bad compared to “21.0 GPA/6000 SAT what are my chances?” CC standards. Now I just wonder how HSL perceives them.</p>

<p>At my school that would be pretty good.</p>

<p>Only three in my senior class made straight A’s.</p>

<p>Your 80’s are at least higher 80’s and are in math/science classes. You’ll get a lot of scholarship offers.</p>

<p>:P I’ll be lucky if I can get a scholarship offer from one of my top four schools, to be honest.</p>

<p>Your cumulative is still about a 3.7. Bring it up senior year and you’ll still have a decent shot. You may not get into an Ivy but you’ll still go somewhere great.</p>

<p>They don’t look anywhere near bad. Bad for CC probably. But that’s stupid.</p>