So I failed a class second semester senior year but I should fall within the requirements still

I failed second semester math (with the whole stay at home order situation and my already terrible performance in math, I was kind of expecting this) and I’m wondering if I should still email the admissions office of the university I committed to (Cal State LA. You’ve probably seen me on the UCI waitlist discussion board but I’ve decided to be realistic and keep my expectations for them low).

The terms for freshman admits to keep their admission is to satisfy my A-G requirements (done), graduate with a high school diploma (picked up my diploma today), and either finish with a GPA that is higher or the same as the GPA I applied with (3.0). This is my only worry since my transcripts haven’t updated yet, so I’m worried my GPA has dropped (I did a bunch of panic calculating and it shouldn’t have dropped below 3.0 based on those, but nothing’s set in stone).

Cal State LA has stated they will be flexible due to the impact of COVID-19, but I was wondering how to address this in an email to the admissions office since it’s better that I contact them first rather than have them point it out. What do I even say? “Hey, so I failed second semester Pre-Calc, please don’t rescind me I’m a good student I swear”? (sarcasm, but I’m genuinely confused because ya girl doesn’t know how to write proper emails for the life of me).

Thank you!

P.S. don’t grade shame me please, I already repented ?

Can you use your HS academic handbook to calculate exactly what your cGPA will be at end of senior year?

Thoughts @gumbymom?

I would say email your school counselor and ask her for a more official GPA. If it actually falls below the 3.0, THEN I would email your school. In the email, I would write something along the lines of:

Dear __,

Intro yourself(name, incoming freshmen). I’m writing to you in regards to my final semester grades. I understand (explanation of college policy). Unfortunately, I (mention of class, grade and such) because of the COVID19 pandemic. Math has always been hard for me, and I’ve been working really hard on it, but with the pandemic, I wasn’t able to get all the help I needed. (Reassuring things about trying harder).


Definitely not a final, but a rough outline.

This ^^^ and hopefully CSULA will be lenient due to the Covid issues. In normal times, not passing your a-g courses Senior year could result in your admission being rescinded. Be proactive and see what admissions says about your options. Are you willing to retake the class over the summer? This option presented to admissions could help your situation.

I am willing to make up the class over summer, but i may have to take it at a cc since my school doesn’t allow second semester grades to be made up during the summer. I’ll email my school counselor and work from there. thank you everybody!