SO lost!

<p>so I have absolutely noooo idea what to do. Im in the middle of my Alevels, and will hopefully be done my a levels by january 2012. Id like to attend a university in the States or Canada, but I dont know what exactly to do... like, when to apply, WHERE to apply - what would be financially fit since my family isn't the wealthiest, SAts etc etc... can any of you help me out?? :/</p>

<p>Start by reading everything on here: EducationUSA</a> - For Students</p>

<p>By now you should have a tentative list of schools that offer your major,and financial aid/scholarships that can enable you to attend.You should be asking for recommendation letters from all your A level teachers and studying for the SAT1 College</a> Admissions - SAT - University & College Search Tool and filling out the preliminary sections of the common application(most schools in the US use this same application form)<a href=""&gt;;/a> visit your nearest EducationUSA advising centre in your country ASAP to get help!</p>