So, your daughter is prom dress shopping....

<p>She is prom dress shopping with her friends and sends you a text of a hideous dress, well a dress YOU think is you buy it?</p>

<p>It looks good on her, just the material is, well, yuck.</p>

<p>How much is the dress?</p>

<p>Happykid did most of her shopping at the thrift stores, so even if a dress was less than gorgeous it was never more than $25. For prom she did get an entirely new dress at Syms (now sadly out of business) for about $40.</p>

<p>I'd suggest telling her that while the dress looks good on her, you think that the fabric is unattractive, and that you think she should keep shopping.</p>

<p>If it is in your price range, yes. It is her prom and she should wear what she thinks she looks good in*. I must say that alot of times this is not what I think they look good in. They, however, have their own thoughts on what is stylish and fashionable much as I did when I was a teenager. Maybe you could encourage her took look around a bit more before deciding but if she doesnt want to do that or already has, buy it and smile!</p>

<li>As long as the dress fits your morality standards too. I refuse to buy a dress missing "parts" (cutouts on belly, deep cuts onto rear end, etc.). Just my little hang up.LOL</li>

<p>"I think that you should keep this in mind. I think you need more options." (Think Rachel Zoe...options). "Why don't you (or we) go out next.........and explore?:</p>

<p>Most stores will hold an item for a day or two.</p>

<p>........and there is always the honest factor..."Honey, you are gorgeous. You would make a brown paper bag gorgeous. The dress.....not so much."</p>

<p>you let her buy the hideous dress, so she can have fun looking at the pictures 20 years from now!</p>

<p>Depends on your daughter. If you think it'll start World War III to protest, let her buy it; keep the receipt. She'll probably find something else she likes more. Prom isn't for a few months, right? Lots of cute spring things will be coming to stores soon and I bet something else will catch her eye.</p>

<p>If it is hideous and not inappropriate, I'd let her get it. Actually, I'd beg, plead and bribe in order to prom dress shop with her, myself. Come to think of it, I did that very thing and my prom dress shopping memories with both daughters are among the happiest of my life.</p>

<p>I agree it depends on the girl. I would tell her to have them hold it so you can go back and see it in person. Maybe the bloom will be off the rose by the time you go back. In the meantime, tonight look at some things you both like online so that that one doesn't feel like "the one."</p>

<p>The reality, however, is that unless it's truly horrific, I'd let her get it. She's wearing it, so she needs to feel good in it.</p>

<p>WOW! Count your blessings! She picks out things for herself, has friends to shop with and actually cares about your opinion! Congrats!</p>

<p>happy--too late to be polite about it...I already told her it was rear end ugly :). She has a good head on her shoulders and I don't have to tapdance around things like that, which is a good thing.</p>

<p>She knows better than to throw a fit over anything.</p>

<p>I have no idea how much it costs, it's ugly, I didn't ask.</p>

<p>The "prom rule" is when it comes down to serious dress shopping mom goes with or no dress is bought with our money :). Same for wedding dresses. She knows that and they just like to look. Prom is in May so lots of time. They just check when they go to the mall to see if anything new shows up. If she REALLY liked the dress and it was really THE dress, we would go back to the mall tonight to have a look.</p>

<p>gouf78--I don't know that she cares so much about my opinion as she does about my debit card that goes with my opinion :).</p>

<p>My kid picked out her own prom dress. I personally hated the color (she knew that) but you was HER prom and she was going to be wearing the dress...not me. you really want to say something to your daughter about thinking the dress she likes is hideous?</p>

<p>When I look back at my junior prom dress from the 80's... </p>

<p>ruffly, red satin... accessorized with long black lace gloves, sparkly black heels and a large red hat, complete with black netting... I wonder how my mother kept her mouth shut, Lol.</p>

<p>I say as long as it does a relatively good job of covering her girly parts, I'd let her get it. (Of course, that's easy for me to say since I only have boys.) ;)</p>

<p>thumper---if she asks she knows she will get my truthful opinion and she will do the same for me. She is no where near the fragile flower that needs to be tapped danced around. Her friends would tell her the same and she for them. It's very refreshing actually. Now, she and her friends have different taste in clothing than I do too....</p>

<p>Tell your daughter to look at rent the runway! The dresses are beautiful and expensive, but to rent you only pay 10% of the actual price. It's really a deal!</p>

<p>lexieam--how do you try on the dresses? Do you pick one out at the store and order online? I don't want to register to find the answer :).</p>

<p>You use the measurements and the fit guide posted on line. If one is a fairly standard body type, it works well. All of the info is in their FAQ.</p>

<p>Like Mezzo'sMama said, you take your measurements and decide what you want, but you can get two sizes (and a second style in two sizes for an extra $25). I must say, I rented my dress from them last year and I was incredibly impressed by how beautiful and classy the dresses were! I'm renting again this year ;)</p>

The "prom rule" is when it comes down to serious dress shopping mom goes with or no dress is bought with our money


<p>Why??? If she is such a great kid...why not just trust her judgement and let it go.</p>

<p>My daughter picked out and bought her own wedding dress (I think she paid for it- we paid for most everything else) since she found it at a bridal fair in Houston and we were in Nashville. </p>

<p>Prom dresses- eh- sounds like MNMom's daughter does OK by herself. I had more problem with my boy! Somehow he had to be bribed to go to his boarding school prom and the girlfriend's parents were going to pay for the tickets AND his tux! I wouldn't let them. How embarrassing.</p>