Soar Invite?

<p>Has anybody gotten the SOAR information yet? The website said it's supposed to have come out in late May, but I haven't received anything.</p>

<p>me neither...or anything about dining..</p>

<p>Nothing here either. I have checked my e-mail and the website several times and nothing. I guess they are really behind. Be sure to post here when you see it! </p>

<p>Dining can be paid beginning on June 15th until July 15th. I am sure they will send an e-mail reminder on that one. They want our $$$$</p>

<p>haha no i know, but i haven't received anything through the portal that even lets me sign up...</p>

<p>I called CP today asking about SOAR and a student answered. He said there had been a glitch in the computer system and it should be up soon. Actually, the phone connection wasn't all that clear, either, so I hope I heard him right. :)</p>

<p>at least i'm not the only one haha.
hopefully we hear soon!
plus, isn't the dining payment due soon?</p>

<p>It says June 15th, but I haven't gotten anything from CP yet. Phew, I thought I was the only one not to receive the letter.</p>

<p>This was stressing me out too, but the registration is finally up. Check your email and/or your portal for the link</p>

<p>lol, I remember the site saying registration would be available in "early May" at one point!</p>