<p>Hey I was just wondering what you guys think about me stopping a sport (particularly soccer) after 2 years of being on the team? All the coaches know me well, so i was wondering if it's a good idea? I'm just considering it because i may not have enough time to study, but i honestly don't know yet.</p>

<p>unless you feel it really will hurt you, i'd continue it if it's something you enjoy. Not only will the commitment look good to colleges, everyone needs a stress reliever. : )</p>

<p>do you think sports can cause more stress with games/commitment?</p>

<p>ehhh. it's really up to the person. I personally have a friend whos been playing club and varsity for like 8 years. Even though shes got like 5 aps, she still loves to play soccer and is commited to it. Yeah, she does say she gets stressed every now and then cause shes so busy, but she has never had any intention of giving it up. Mind you though, this girl is probably going to Harvard.. I really think it's a personal call. if you think you can't handle it, don't put yourself under that extra pressure.</p>