Social Life at Loyola

Hi everyone,

I’m a female student accepted to the Class of 2023. I live in-state, and have been to campus a few times. I’m familiar with the city as well (live 20 min away).
I know Loyola does not have greek life (which I’m not interested in joining, but it does create a social setting on campus).
The reviews on Niche and here are mixed, so I’m looking for more opinions of the social scene on campus (school events, parties, what people do on the weekends).
I know Loyola has shuttles to some area schools, which I’m also interested in.

If any students or anyone familiar with the school could speak more about their knowledge/experiences, I would love to hear what you think. Thanks!

Yeah, I’m a female student too and was accepted to the class of 2023, and I’ve been on campus a lot of times but I haven’t gotten a good feel of the school. Some people say they love it and its super welcoming and fun, but others say its super cliquey and people just go to bars and drink and that the only social outing.

Hi to the both of you,

I am a current freshman at Loyola, and I can certainly reaffirm that people have VERY mixed opinions on the school. For me, personally, I couldn’t be more disappointed with how my freshman year has gone. I will be transferring after this year to another school. I should be hearing back on the first of my 8 transfer applications tomorrow.

If you are the kind of person that would enjoy drinking Thursday-Saturday nights, and sometimes even Sunday, Loyola will be good for you socially. Personally, I am not interested in drinking at all, and it has led to me being incredibly lonely this year. Myself along with the people that I know best will all be transferring because of that. There definitely are some good things about Loyola, such as the gym and overall quality of professors, but overall I have experienced more bad than I have good this year. Don’t even get me started on the laziness of administration and housing operations.

Hope this helped.

If you have any questions, let me know!